Sunday, June 15, 2014

Good Day

Today at Brighams' house I had 5 visitors from the midwest. One was black one latino and 3 whites. They were touring together. They were Unitarians and open to learn about the Church. They asked a lot of questions and at the end of the visit they wanted all the information they could get so I gave 4 Book of Mormons. I met an old friend at our ward today, Glen Martin, he was visiting St.George and was wearing a mask. He was trying to get a Liver transplant but instead he got Cancer in his liver before he could get a transplant. He has 4 months to live. So so sad. It breaks my heart, he was a great teacher and administrator.. I also had a couple from California who were Catholics and they were teachers on a trip to South Dakota. He had a great great that was a Mormon. Great tour a lot was taught and I hope I helped them out.

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