Monday, May 27, 2013

A Memorial Day To Remember

It is a privilege to serve the Lord on a mission. Every day out here has its surprises you do not know who will come for a tour. Today Lordes Cebello and her son Caesar from Las Vegas from Chicago and prior from the Phillipines stopped by. Lordes was a little older than I and was using a walker. As I took her into Brighams' house she asked questions about our church. Ie, did Joseph Smith really see Christ. I spent a good hour or so just teaching them about the gospel. She was so interested she could not get enough. After awhile her son was also feeling the spirit. I was able to introduce them to the Book of Mormon what it was about etc. I gave them a copy. She took my phone number and my email address. I gave her a card to be able to contact missionaries to come to her house and teach her and him. It was another one of those experiences where the words came and the direction came without my really knowing what to say it came. The Lord really does bless his missionaries.

Many Days and Photos

The photos are of the Tabernacle where Darolyne and I had to give our first prayers at the historic podium where all the prophets except Joseph Smith had spoke here. Then the addios picture to the Andersons' from Orem who our now going home. Joey and his family came to visit for the Memorial Day weekend and they came over to Brighams' house for a tour. The beautiful hollihocks at Jacobs' house where we were blitz by hundreds on the memorial day weekend. Some of the Sister Missionaries. And a photo of the Passover Sister Raymond is passing over her job to Darolyne which is the hardest on our mission, way to go Darolyne, three cheers. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Yesterday I had a great experience at Brgiham Youngs house. We were leaving when a grandma and grand daughter  from Long Beach California came in. The older lady was born in Denmark. I gave them the tour and then showed them the Book of Mormon  and asked if they would like a copy. The lady said she did not have a religion and I told her about our religion. She said she would read it and make a judgement about it. Yesterday we went to the temple and did a session. To say the least we were very tired. Today was our p day but Darolyne spent all morning with Sister Raymond getting her publications ready to go out then we took them over to headquarters and ran 150 copies off and took them to the tabernacle.It was 2 thirty on our p day when we finally got a break. Oh at the temple was Brian Blackham the realtor that sold us our house. He was the officiator.I had a chance to talk to him.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Interesting Day

Today I went golfing in the morning with several senior missionaries at  Sunbrook. Then Darolyne and I went to the Temple Visitor Center. While there today I met a couple from Washington who were Jewish. I had a real spiritual tie to them and I told them that. I told them that my great grandmother was a Dark Dane or a Jewish lady from Denmark and that lets me have jewish blood flowing in my veins. I told them that the Mormons love the Jewish people. They told me that they had very high respect for the Mormons. Anyway there was a great exchange about our Savior who was a Jew. Also today I was working with one of the sisters Sister Arwititti pronounced aweesee. She told me about this experience she had when she went on her mission. She is from Micronesia and speaks a very seldom known language. She was sent to learn English. When she left her country to come to Utah she landed in LA airport. There her flight to  Salt Lake was delayed. It got late at night and she was asked to leave the area she was waiting in and go to another terminal she had to walk outside in the darkish night time. On her way she was being followed by two scary looking men who were talking to her, but remem

ber she can not speak English. So she started to pray asking for help from her father in heaven. Immediately acouple of men came towards her and scared her attackers off. The tall gentleman white with a beard started to talk to her in her own language.Then her gave her a 100 dollar bill and she said she did not need any money that she was a  missionary. The man told her yes she would need it. The man left saying my name is Joseph and I knew your parents before. She was sure that he was one of the three nephites. Oh by the way the next day she would need the 100 dollars to get on a different airline to get to Salt Lake.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Transfer Meeting

Today we met for a transfer meeting to say goodbye to missionaries that are going home several sisters are leaving and the Andersons  and the Raymonds. They all bore their testimonies. It was a spiritual meeting. Photos included. Them Sister Childs and I went out to Jacobs home. We had a good day with meeting some fun people. A group of older folks 80s and 90s came with the Beehive house assisted living. They were fun people and quite alert intellectually but had a

lot of physical issues. After we met with them we talked with one of their social workers a young lady who was not a member of the church. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and talked to her about it. She committed to read it. It is interesting how many non members do not know what Mormon means. Then Darolyne had a good experience with a less active family with a daughter about the age of being baptized. She talked to the family and the girl to get her baptized Hot day 98 degrees and it is the middle of May.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Been Awhile

It has been a week since I made a post. In that week it has been Darolynes birthday and Mothers day. It seems odd to be away from the family on these kind of days. KC, Jane , Brenna and  Andy came down to hike the Subway in Zions National Park. Before that KC Darolyne and I went on a hike up Hell Hole  Canyon we made it only half way since the hike was in very soft sand and we, Darolyne and I had had it. Along the way we saw a lot of beautiful desert flowers .This week was a bomb for our mission we will be taking the Raymonds place.We went over to their house on Thursday and she trained Darolyne. Well, that starts a new experience. That will give us a lot of angst since we are inept when it comes to computer work.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Interesting Story

Today we went to Jacobs house and only had 3 sets of visitors while we were there. The Davis' spelled us off and shared this story. At there fast and testimony meeting this morning one of our Sister missionaries shared her testimony and told how hers and her companions bikes were stolen Friday night from their apartment. When she set down and she was sitting by an investigator, he told her he had just gotten two new bikes. The rest of the story is when they went over to his house after the meeting their bikes were there. He had stolen them. How is that for an investigator. Come to find out he was an ex con.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Pat the Dragon Slayer

Yesterday I came home from a day at the Tabernacle when Pat Morris met us at the door with a I have great news. Then she told us the tale of how she caught and done away with the lizard that has been inhabiting our house for the last6 or 7 months and has only been seen 3 times that I know, once by me and twice by Ryan. He is gone now we can sleep in peace. Today was a very exciting day for Darolyne and I. We went to Brigham Youngs' house. From the moment we arrived until it ended it was a blur with people, we even had the help of two of the young sister missionaries and we were all busy. We had folks from Missouri, Colorado, Oregon, Utah and a special person from Paris France. This lady was with an old college friend she met in Grenoble, France years ago. She could not speak any English but her friend ,60 years old,interpreted. Through the course of the visit I told her that I had a special gift for her at the end of the tour. The gift was the Book of Mormon in French. She was excited to take it. I bore her my witness that this is the truth and she could learn about the loss of her husband by reading this book. She was a Catholic and did not believe she would be with her husband again for all eternity. I explained to her that she could. I put her a card in the book in third Nephi chapter ll and told her that after the Savior was resurrected he went to see the other sheep he told the twelve that he would visit and that this book tells the story of the Saviors visit to the Americas. I bore her my testimony and could feel the spirit of the holy ghost bearing witness to her that what I was saying was true. What a glorious experience.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth that is the glorious message of Restoration. Darolyne had a chance to use her French today. Quite the multi language person we have in our family. When I got home Mindi called and said Daryk had a message for us. Daryk got his mission call today. When he got his letter he went to a mount over looking American Fork. He went by himself. That is Daryk very introspective. With great joy he told us that he has been called to serve in Kobe, Japan. More than anything he wanted to serve in Japan. So you see this day is full of nothing but great blessing. This is Gods' earth and his church I so Testify. Oh also today a 90 year old descendent of Phineas Young Brighams' brother came through.