Sunday, September 29, 2013

Emotional Day

. Today was quite the day. Darolyne and I were asked to speak at two wards 5th Sunday combined meetings. We went at 9  spoke then we did a shift at the Tabernacle. At the Tabernacle I met a young couple from Los Angeles the girl was from El Salvador, after the tour I taught them about the Book of Mormon and how it was about the ladies ancestors, they were interested and took all our material. So speaking in two Wards preaching the true gospel and losing a daughter in law. quite emotional.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just So I Won''t Forget

Last night I encountered two couples of non members, one from Rancho Mirage. California and another from another  from Minnesota. Both were interested in knowing more about our Church and the Temple. After lengthy  discussions they wanted the materials we had including the Book of Mormon. I worked alongside Elder Cannon, who is my favorite missionary down here. He speaks German and we had several Germans come through the back door to the Annex. He was able to give three Books of Mormon to them in German. Also my friends the Peterson came in from Provo and wanted two Books of Mormon in French to give away.  The words of Ezra Taft Benson comes to mind when he challenged church members to flood the world with the Book of Mormon. We really see that on our Mission where we give so many books to people from all over the world. Also yesterday on our shift we had 3 busses of French people tour and they had 2  others in the morning. The Sister Missionaries work with them and give out quite a few Books of Mormon

Monday, September 23, 2013

KC Visits

The last few days we have had a P day with the Collins where we went to Kolob Reservoir through Zions Park. It was a great day. KC came down for the weekend. He is experiencing pain and anxiety so I was able to give him a Priesthood Blessing it was a moving experience and tears were shed. I am so grateful for the priesthood in our lives. Yesterday was a good day at Brighams' we gave out two Books of Mormon one to a couple from California and another to a couple from the eastern states. When I was telling the story of Joseph Smith to the couple from California you could tell the spirit was bearing witness of the truth. Janice Kapp Perry gave the Friday night fireside. She was fantastic. I am adding a lot of pictures. Some of J
acobs because this week is Swiss Days at Santa Clara. and all the homes in town put out cut out cows painted different.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Miracle on !st North

I can't believe how the Lord blesses his missionaries. Today at  Brigham Youngs house in 4 hours we gave away or better we taught the honest in heart and they requested  a total of  8 Book of Mormons. It started with Darolyne teaching a couple from Carmel Indiana they became very interested in the restored gospel Darolyne offered them to take and read the Book of Mormon. They were thrilled to do so. The husband offered Darolyne a crisp 100 dollar bill for the book, of course she wouldn't take it. then I had a group of three couples two from Wisconsin and one from Oklahoma. They were here on a bike ride through the parks. At the end of their visit I taught them about the Book of Mormon and they became very interested and each couple wanted a book along with all the other literature that we give out. Sister Donaldson gave out two books on her tours then Darolyne gave out two more one to a couple that was very interested from Henderson Nevada. Yesterday we had a p day and went to Kolob Reservoir with Elder and Sister Collins. This was a great trip because most of the road goes in through Zions Park and gets above it so you have views into the park.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Miracle at 5th South

Yesterday at the Visitors center was a very spiritual moment. It was slow most of the night then a half hour before closing I got a call from Darolyne that there was a woman who needed a blessing. I went over to the Main Building and met with a young lady  with her 9 year old daughter. She was a pretty sad person. As I talked to her she told of her getting a divorce and was fearful of losing her daughter. She wanted hope in something. I gave her a blessing of peace and faith in a bright future, I could feel  the spirit of the Holy Ghost. It was like when a woman touched the hem of the robe of the Savior and was healed because of her faith. This lady had enough faith to come into the Center for a blessing. There were a lot of tears and she left with more faith in the future. I went back to the Annex and 2 minutes before closing I sensed some people out by the temple, because it was dark and I could not see I stepped outside and asked if I could take their picture.. I did and found out that they were from Mexico and there were 4 families. I asked them if they were members of our Church, they were not I told them that there history is written in the Book of Mormon and I gave them 4 copies of the Book in Spanish. Darolyne gave two Books out at the Tabernacle today One to a couple from Ohio and anothe to a couple from Colorado.
The first photo is of the annex with the canon that helped build the foundation of the Temple the second is of Sister Losky of Gettysburg Pa. she is headed to Richfield for awhile. She is one of all time favorites such a great personality. Then this the outside of the temple visitor center annex where the Elders spend their time while at the visitor center.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Visit to Pine Valley Chapel

At Brigham Youngs house yesterday we started tours at 10 and never stopped until 3 o'clock.  I was able to give three Book of Mormons one to a girl from Slovokia the book was in Russian, another one to a girl from Thailand and one to a man from South Dakota. Had a really good day there were also  great members that came to learn more about Brigham. I hope some day when I come in contact with Brigham that I will feel like I did a good job. At night John Hamblin the great
great grandsom of Jacob Hamblin gave a talk about his grandfather Jacob  Hamblin. Today we had our first Sunday off so we asked the Shumways to go to church at the famous Pine Valley chapel which is 35 miles north of St. George. It was so green up there in the pines. This is a picture of Sister Chinen born in Japan and raised in Sacramento she wanted a picture of Darolyne and I when we were Young so i gave her some prints of us she is a great missionary and friend but is being transferred to Enterprise this transfer. The other picture is a Brother and Sister Flake from Snowflake Arizona. The Rodeo is in town and he is the announcer. He announces Rodeos all over the States, His great great grandfather founded Snowflake.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rainy Season?

For last 3 or 4  days it has been raining steady and there is alot of street flooding and Virgin is as high as I have seen it in a long time. We really need the rain though. We have been busy again teaching the gospel to those who have never heard the story of the restoration.Amazing experiences we have. We will average about a book of Mormon a day to non members. The other day I gave 7 books to the People from France. kThe mission here gives more books of Mormon to the French than all the  missionaries in Franc in a year. Last year we had over 23000 people from France visit our sites. Total we had over 300 000 people visit our sites.
 We took Sister Guison from Missouri and Sister Avanesyan from Germany out o breakfast at the Egg and I. Sister Guison is going home this week She always calls me Elder Grandfather. Great missionaries. I took this picture of the temple on a rainy night this week. They are working on the temple for 3 weeks and some of the lights were out so I thought it made for a good photo.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Yesterday was a great P Day finally we were able to go to Yard Sales. Coral Canyon had their annual sale. We must of went to 20 different homes. We were able to get a few picturer to hang and a table to put by Darolynes chair so she can set her food on it. That is the condition of being away for so long because we are set in our ways because Darolyne has her own chair and I have my own chair. It is funny when someone comes over and sits in her chair, I can see the blood a boiling....kind of. Friday night was the first Lecture of the year, we had a Faruk fellow who is an Iranian who joined the church and now lives in St.George. It was interesting to note that the Moslems do not like to be Christians because of how they believe God is. They like the LDS because our concept of God, that he is our literal Father,,, God the Father is our Father, Jesus Christ is his son and so am I his son, Jesus is my Savior. Today at the Tabernacle we had a few visitors I had a couple from California who were interested only about our history not our  Doctrine, then another couple from Venice California came in they were Hispanics and were interested in our Doctrine I gave them a Book of Mormon and asked where they thought the word Mormon came from, they did not know and I told them the story of Book of Mormon and how their heritage would go back to the Book of Mormon. Back to Faruk, He kept saying over and over again,, I Love the Book of Mormon..If people would read it they would know it is true.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Great couple of days, Joey and Jamie and kids came down and we had a good time with them. Yesterday at the Visitor Center a lot happened.A lot of people came in. First a couple from France came in and I got Sisters Brenna  and Sordes to teach them because they only spoke French; they spent and hour and a half with them and they left with a Book of Mormon in French. Then Joel Gardner from Orem came in with 30 of his family, then Darolyne gave a Book of Mormon to a young man from New Jersey who is in the Army and a man from Massechusetts. These two individuals were very interested in our Church. Then a man came in and Darolyne helped him he said he was in Prison for 5 years and read the Book of Mormon 7 times, he was recently diagnose with Cancer and wants to be baptized Sister Duval took him through the plan of happiness about the family. he left with tears in his eyes and said he was going to go call his daughter who he had not talked to in 12 years. A young family came in they were from Orem He just got his Doctorate in Hebrew from the University of Texas and is a Religion Professor at BYU. He was at Orem High when I was his Principal. It is interesting this call here in St, George, it seems almost every day we meet someone we connect with from the past.