Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The End....Until We Meet Again

Tonight was our last day spent at the Temple Visitor Center. I gave 3 Books of Mormon today. The first was to a lady from LA who was really interested in our Church and learning more about it. Then came the last 15 minutes of our mission. Into the Annex comes a couple from Georgia and their daughter. They are not members of the Church. They became very interested in  the temple and why do we have temples, we spent the last minutes of our mission together. They wanted a Book of Mormon both the couple and their daughter. They also took the testimony of Joseph Smith. Then the Kaonas came in to help us close up and they had all the sister missionaries sing three hymns to  us. God Be With You Till We Meet Again. I Need Thee Every Hour. and another hymn slips my mind. Then we knelt around the Christus and they asked me to say the prayer. Very touching moment to end our mission...A great ending.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Alma Chapter 26

As I close out my mission I turn to Alma Chapter 26. Ammon is so thankful unto his God for being able to go amongst their enemies the Lamanites and change their hearts. he and his brothers Himni, Aaron and Omni have spent 17 years in the mission field with the Lamanites. Ammon does not boast in their conversions of the Lamanites but he glories in the Lord who was with them every step of the way as they were imprisoned and other harsh treatment but were highly successful in serving the Lord. Darolyne and I have served 18 months and almost every day we were able to teach someone that did not know about our Church. Today I taught two ladies from New Brunswick, Canada. a couple of days ago they just decided to go to Utah because they have heard about the beauties there. Then they happen to somehow get to Jacobs' house and here the story of this great indian missionary. When they left they
took with them a Book of Mormon. Also I taught a non member from Ohio who just moved here to live. He had a Book o Mormon but wants to learn all he can about the Mormon Church. He said he would probably join but he can't go on a mission. I told him he didn't have to go on a mission. That was a good moment. Who knows if we had any influence on all these guests or some of them, but I know that in many cases the Holy Ghost bore record of the truth because the Holy Ghost can only bare record of the truth. Yesterday at the Visitor Center I met a young couple from Germany after talking to them for a short time i took them and introduced them to Sister Gruenfeld a missionary from Germany. She taught them well and they left with a Book of Mormon in German and a referral card. These sites are truly places where people come off the street from all over the world and for the first time are taught the truths of the Church. Goodbye Jacobs

Saturday, October 4, 2014

As Sadness Sets In

Great day at Brighams' house. It is the St.George Marathon today and there are 8000 participants. One of the best in the United States. At our tour today us and the Dabbs gave 7 Books of Mormon. Darolyne gave 3 and I 1 to a kid from Utah who speaks German. My very last tour at Brighams' was to a young man and his sister from Idaho Falls, Idaho. They were in their 20s and had come down to the marathon. They were great great great grandchildren of Brigham Young. What a way to leave my service at his winter home. On my way to my house We stopped at Smiths', a grocery store, as i was walking down an isle a young man came up to me gave me a good look and ask me if I could tell him where the Trail Mix was.. The missionary tag. We had a guest today from Boise idaho who brought his 2014 Corvette with him so I took a picture of Darolyne Sister Dabb and Sister Watkins. It was also Joeys' 43rd birthday and they were down here to their home coming back from Disneyland. They will be taking my truck home tomorrow. Here he is with his beautiful wife Jamie. We only have 3 more days and we are feeling kind of sad. Today is General Conference, we have only seen parts because we are at the sites.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Friberg Germany Temple President and Matron, Newly Called

Today a Brighams' house I gave a tour to a couple from Friberg Germany, formerly East Germany, He was just called as the new Friberg Temple President by President Uchdorf. This was a great visit, I took them over to see Bedard Studio  where they could see his painting of the signers that appeared to Wilford Woodruff in the St. George Temple. I also gave 2 Books of Mormon to 2 ladies from L.A., they were very interested.

Our Last Transfer Meeting Starring Us

This morning we met in a transfer meeting and since we are going home we had to give a little talk and bare our testimonies. Darolyne did a great job. It should be written that she has been an excellent missionary always being obedient and diligent, more so than me. This is a picture of the Clarks' who bought our home here in St. George while we have been on our mission. Sister Montoya from Payson Utah Sister Fontaine from Montreal Sister Lubbert from Iowa. All these sisters are also going home.

Three Men Dressed in White

Today was a fun day at Jacobs. It was slow, not to many visitors then I looked out the window and up the walk came 3 men dressed in white. One of them had a long white beard. I thought The Three Nephites? No just  3 painters from Ogden working here in St. George.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happenings at the Visitor Center

9 days left. Today at the Visitors Center I met people from Mainland China, Germany, France, and non members from Seattle, Tri Cities Washington and Ontario Canada. The girl from Seattle was here at a  wedding for a friend. She came in I talked to her for awhile. Then she met with the sister missionaries and they brought the spirit to her and she received the Book of Mormon and gave a referral to meet the missionaries in Seattle. She was touched by the Christus etc. because she had tears in her eyes. This girl  was in her 20s and had a few tatoos but was dressed very nice. An old man came in he talked to me for ever her was 80 years old and looking for a woman to marry because he wants to go on a mission. I guess with now success though. He gave me 4 scriptures from the bible that prove the mission of the Book of Mormon. These are pictured here, also a picture of Darolyne and I leaving the Brigham Young

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Addios Trail

A little over a week left and Darolyne and I share some see you later photos from the sites.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Flood the Earth With Book of Mormons

Ezra Taft Benson when he was the Prophet challenged
 us to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon. That has been part of my mission. As my grandson wrote me from Japan we flood the earth with his gospel by one drop at a time. Yesterday at Brighams' I gave a Book to a couple from Syracuse, New York only 60 miles from Palmyra and Mendon where Brigham grew up. They hadn't heard upper New York was the beginning of our Church and Joseph Smith. Darolyne gave a Book to a couple from Indiana. Then yesterday we went to a broadcast of the dedication of the Ogden Utah Temple. Today at the Visitor Center I gave 15 Books to the people from France. Darolyne gave a Book to a couple of which one was Chinese and from Beaverton, Oregon. The great thing today happened when a couple, Mother and her 20ish year old son came in, they were from Germany so I took them inot the Center to see Sister Lipke from Germany. She spent a couple of hours with them and found out the mother had just lost her husband to death. She was on a trip and took her son. They ended up here where she heard about how her and her husband can be together forever by her joining the Church and having her husband sealed to her by the power of the everlasting priesthood. This is why they showed up today. These two wanted all the literature that we had and gave their information to  Sister Lipke who will contact them and continue to teach them and send the missionaries to their home in Germany. The pictures are from the party the other night at the Bowcutts. Picture of Elder Clark, who has been an assistant with me and Elder Watkins. A picture of a Rainbow from our back yard.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Give Away at the Tabernacle

We servered at the Tabernacle and I gave 3 Books to 3 different couples.Two from Texas and a couple from New Jersey. Darolyne did not have any tours with non members. Then we stayed and did the prayers at the Devotional..The Devotional was Dr. Anderson of St.George that went to the Phillipines three weeks after Typhoon Yolanda that destroyed one whole Island and was the strongest Typhoon ever recorded on Earth. He went over for several weeks to help out. A great story by a very charitable man. Today was our P day, we went Garage Saleing together for the first time in a long time. It was a good day. Tonight we are going to Bowcutts in Entrada, they served here with us for a year and are just down at their house and invited all the Missionaries over for a barbecue.  It started to rain which is very infrequent.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Guests of Honor...sort of

Last Hi Bye Party, starring us and the DeWitts. We had our party at Borcherts' condo. We had a pie party with meat and sweet pies. Then Elder Watkins read about us and the DeWitts and then gave 'us a p
icture of the temple visitor center, a photo actually framed, really pretty. Then we had t bear our testimonies. Darolyne just about broke out in tears but held on, she did such a good job, I see a lot of spiritual growth in her on this mission if that is possible.Then we did Karaoke. Our group did Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. It was a lot of fun. Yesterday at Brighams' house I gave a Book to a couple from Columbus, Ohio. Darolyne gave a Book to a couple from upper New York.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ho Hum

Not a lot going on at the sites, I haven't seen it this slow for a long time. Only 4 tours yesterday at Jacobs and only 5 today at the Visitor Center. We did have 5 Busses today  from France though. Last Saturday they had 25 busses from France Germany Poland and Italy. The Sister Missionaries gave out 110 Book of Mormons. At the Tabernace Sunday I gave a Book to a couple from Spokane, Washington. We took Sister Hee and Sister Lipke out to Chuck A Rama yesterday and today we had Sister Archanbeau from Manitoba and Sister Martin from St.  Louis over for dinner tonight. It has been close to 100 degrees each day this week, very hot for September.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


This week the Boyacks from Oak City came to visit us. They are full time missionaries up in Delta, Utah. They stayed a couple of days and Al and I and Jim McCoy went golfing on our P day. It was a great visit, they are great friends. Then yesterday Ryan came to St.George with Rebecca Moulton his latest girl friend, she lives in Orem has two kids and is a Corporate Lawyer for a software firm. She served a mission in Brazil. She went through a tough divorce. Oh Dougie came along, they stayed in Joeys house. We took them up Snow Canyon today hence the photos. We have 3 weeks and 2 days left and are feeling ambivalent about the situation, happy and sad. Last blog I said there was 2 inches of rain in Winchester Hills which is true. But Ivins had 3.8 inches of rain in 90 minutes, what was called a 1000 year storm. Alot for a Desert.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wheres Noah when you need Him

Today was quite the rainstorm,  the weatherman said it was a 1000 year storm for some places, just 6 miles north of us, Winchester Hills there was 2 and a half inches of rain in two hours, here where we live maybe an inch and a half. Any way there were many flash floods, the Santa Clara River that usually runs as a trickle was at flood stage or over, see photos. It again about washed out part of Southgate Golf Course. We went to the Tabernacle today and had a busy day with over 100 visitors. Darolyne taught a couple from Illinois he was a Mason and finding out that Brigham Young was a Mason then he wanted to know more about our religion, he and his wife took a Book of Mormon. I taught a couple from Kansas, he said they were Lutherans but it was evident that he didn't go to Church very often.  He had many questions about our religion. He seemed to be very interested in our Church and they too took a Book of Mormon and the testimony of Joseph Smith. At the end of the day the storm passed on to the east and things started to clear up. The freeway I 15 between here and Las Vegas washed out and will be closed for 3 or 4 days. In the mean time the traffic has to divert some 90 miles more to make it to St. George. This is a major truck route.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Brigham would have been Happy

Today at Brighams' we had a lot of people come through on busses I gave out 11 Books and Darolyne gave 1 Book of Mormon out. Two of my Books went to couples that were interested in the Church they were from Maryland and California. It rained hard again today and there were many flash floods between here and Las Vegas, it wiped out I15 between us and them and will need a lot of repair. Tonight we had the Collins and the Sutherlands over for games and laughs, a lot of fun.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Lost Manuscript

Funny thing happened for some reason I have been Blogging on Carol Vincents' blog for the last three posts and then I deleted them. I will try to recount some of the activities of the last week. Monday morning I met at Dedes' for breakfast with Elder Watkins and Elder Clark, we are the leadership for the Sites. We had our meeting there. I will miss meeting with these brethren I have grown to love and respect them very much. I can remember that this week we served at Jacobs' three times which is  unusual. We were saying this week how much we love Jacob Hamblins' house, probably our favorite and we are starting to get meloncholy about leaving this mission. We love it because we truly feel like we are in the arms of the Lord. I know this week we have give out several Books of Mormon. I gave one to a man from Washington DC and a family from Los Angeles, Darolyne gave some to a couple from Florida. Wednesday we went to a fireside on Hail to the Prophet. It was part original music and part story and testimony from Gracia Jones. Gracia was the first of Joseph Smiths family to join the LDS Church. She is Josephs' great granddaughter and the grand daughter of Joseph Smith the third, who was the founder of the Reorganized LDS Church, now known as the community of Christ. Anyway when she was a teenager and living in Conrad, Montana she was contacted by our missionaries and joined. She had a great story and testimony. On Thursday was our P Day. We went to Kolob Reservoir with the Collins. We had a great day being away from St.George for the first time in many months. Friday we went to a Fireside put on by Rand Packer. Rands' grand father was a middleweight boxing champion and Willard Bean. Rand wrote a book about his grand father and grandmother called the Lion and the Lamb. Willard and his wife were sent to Palmyra, New York on a mission to live in Joseph Smiths' Sr. house. This was in the early 1920s. 25 years later willard and his wife had bought a lot of the lands the Church owns now in the Palmyra area including the Hill Cummorah. Great story.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The German Invasion

Quite the day. We were at the Visitor Center today. Darolyne is feeling better and we had a good day. First Darolyne gave a Book of Mormon to a couple of  from Florida. I met a young man from Washington DC. I taught him a little bit about the Book of Mormon. He took one. Then I gave a Book in German to a young couple from Germany. Then Rima Avenesjan, Sister Avenesjan from Germany, showed up to say hello. She came all the way from Germany  to go through the temple with her investigator who she converted, The Picture, it was so great to see her, we are great friends. She wants to go to BYU but needs some help to get in and maybe some financial help. Ah, I had her meet with Elder Clark former pr guy from BYU. He told her he will have her get a hold of the person at BYU who can
get her admitted. You see she is from Germany but she is Armenian., and Elder Clark knows Jon Huntsman Sr. who is a Billionare, and wants to help people from Armenian. Coincidence, no Tender Mercy yes. The Lord takes care of his missionaries...FOREVER!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Good the Bad and the Wonderful

Yesterday at Brighams' house Darolyne taught two ladies from Las Vegas they were very receptive to the things being taught and left with a Book of Mormon and a commitment to read it. Then last night the heavens finally opened here in the desert and it rained buckets with thunder and lightning. There was quite a bit of flooding around town, we were spared. They say it rained an inch and a half in just a couple of hours. Then today Darolyne woke up with vertigo. She did go to work and threw up twice, so I took her home and went back to the Visitor Center for the rest of our shift. She took an anti dizzy pill and has rested all day. I gave her a blessing and pray she gets better. Tomorrow is our prep day and I hope we don't spend it at home. We have less than 6 weeks to go on our mission. Tonight Collette brought Darolyne some cookies and then the Clarks' brought over home made pie. So we are sure blessed with great friends. Jim and Collette also gave us two dinners at Chuck a Rama....Yum When we bought this home the people before us were rock hounds. They had petrified wood all over the yard, which is a quarter of and acre. They are legal pieces they got with permits up at the Hurricane fault. Anyway all this time I have been trying to organize them. Also I have added 7 plants consisting of 3 trees and four bushes which are all desert flowering. This is a very lovely home we are truly blessed in our old age to have such a nice place. Soon though we will go home and have to work hard to get our Orem home back in shape. I do appreciate KC for helping to keep it up.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Today Darolyne and I was at the Tabernacle. It was a slow day then people started to come. at the end of the day I had three non member tours. Each tour I was able to teach about the Book of Mormon and our Church and place a Book of Mormon in each case. The first case was a mother and daughter, 60 and 30   years of age from California. They were very receptive and took a Book of Mormon. Then a man from Texas who just thought he would fly to St. George and see Zions Canyon came in because he had time and was interested to see the Tabernacle. He spent a lot of time there and wanted to know all about our Church, he left with the Book and all the other literature that we had. He could be Golden. Then 3 people from the Netherlands came and spoke some English. They were also interested in the Church and our beliefs. I introduced them to the Book of Mormon and they wanted one in German. This was a good day. Darolyne and I have so many experiences with people it just doesn't seem like it is real. We have met and taught thousands of people each while we have been on this mission. Un real and many of them have been Golden. Tonight we did our month end dinner with the Sr. Missionaries, it was Kaonas' turn to choose a place to eat. So we went to the Honolulu Grill. All Hawaiin food. Yum

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Carry On

Every day brings different challenges to us. We serve when we are tired. when we are weary, when we are discouraged, when we are worried about things back at home. How do we overcome this discouragement? Discouragement is of the Evil one. We  pray; we read our scriptures; we serve to the best of our abilities; we rely on the Lord for our help to carry on. Today Darolyne taught two young girls from Iowa, they were in there early 20s, they came here to go to the Canyons. They were touched by the spirit as she took them through Brighams' house. She was able to place the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smiths' testimony with them and they seemed quite receptive. I taught a friend from Orem John Aldrich and a lot of his friends. John just opened up a branch of his First Colony Mortgage Company here in St. George. As we serve, at the end of the day we are happy we came on our mission. We have the courage to get up and do it all over again. we have 6 weeks left and in a way we are feeling sad about leaving, yet we would like to go home and see our family.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Missionary Life 101

Yesterday at the Visitors Center we spent 6 hours teaching those who came in and wanted to learn. A girl from Nagono, Japan came in she was here on an exchange student basis for a couple of weeks. She was about17 years old. I think Nagono is in Daryks' mission. We talked about our Church, she was not a Bh
uddist or a Christian. But she was interested. I gave her a Book of Mormon in Japanese.She said she would read sit.  Then after our shift we went home to bed. Got up a 6 a.m. and went to a Transfer Meeting where the Sisters are moved to different parts of  the mission. Only a few get transferred. This happens every 6 weeks. Some are transferred home like today Sister Duval will be going home to Toronto. She has been an outstanding missionary. Next Transfer meeting guess who goes home....Me. Then we went and served at Brighams' home.It rained an inch today. There was flooding over in Washington. Probably the best rainstorm I have seen since I have been here. Remember though we are in a drought in St. George. Then we went out eat at  In and Out Burger then went home and read scriptures watched Americas Got Talent then I blogged and will go to bed. We have read the Book of Mormon twice since we have been on our Mission also the Doctrine and Covenants once. We are reading the Book of Mormon together now for the third time.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Days like this Just Happen,or The True Church is on The Earth

Beautiful day at the Tabernacle. First of all I gave a tour to a Grandmother from Gilbert, Arizona and her two grand kids that live here in St. George. When I showed them the All Seeing Eye of God. I told them that it represents the Father in Heaven is always watching out for us, he wants us to be happy. This one boy a little blonde with great big horned rim glasses about 8 years old just look up to me and said my Father in Heaven loves me in a way that melted my heart...from the mouths of babes.. He was simply feeling what some of us old folks forgot to feel. To be submissive, meek like a little child. That is what our Savior asked of us. That moment brought the spirit in and my eyes started to water. Then a little later my last group of the day 8 members and this one gentleman about 50 years old who was not a member but just moved here and is getting a home. I didn't mean to focus on him but I could tell that I was telling things I usually don't tell the members. After the tour this man asked for everything Book of Mormon, Testimony of Joseph Smith, The Living Christ, Geneology primer, pamphlet on Temples, etc. Then he asked me where he could go to our Church tomorrow. I let him know and then off he went. Don't get those everyday. Then the Cranneys' came in, our neighbors Bill and Connie. They moved away years ago and have been on 4 missions since we have seen them. Two of them were in Africa one in Nigeria. They don't let American missionaries in Nigeria anymore. They just bought a second home down here in St. George.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Couple of Artists

The famed Mormon artist Al Rounds put up an exhibit at the Visitor Center the other night and gave us a fireside talk about them. Very inspirational. I got a picture of Darolyne with him along with Sister Lubbert from Iowa. Then I took a picture of the temple at night. I also gave a Book of Mormon in French to a couple from Paris. Sister Garcia who speaks French did most of the work but this couple was really impressed with the feeling they were having in the visitor center. The spirit is strong at our Sites.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Party Mission Style

We had our August Party to say good bye to the Youngs who are now through with their mission. So sad. Our party was at the Pelican Hills clubhouse. It was a Sixties party. My job was to bring the music. I downloaded the Stroll. We all did the stroll, hula hoops bubble gum blowing contest etc. great fun. Pictures are from the party. I have one picture of the Tree of Life. It sits outside the Visitor Center where I  work when I am there. It is a Chinese Pistachio but to me it looks like the tree of life that is told about in the Book of Mormon.Also today our friends from Orem the Andrus' stopped by on there way back from California. Deena Millecam came over to see Darolyne she is an old friend from Vernal. Darolnes' Patriarchal Blessing told her that wherever she went she would have many friends, something like that. It has been true she makes friends wherever she has been. People love to be around her and she doesn't care what station in life they are or what origin she goes out of her way to make friends.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Beginning of the End

You know none of us know the day that we will leave this earth but we will. But I know the end day of my Mission. It will be in 2 Months from today. I am sad that I can see that it will end. This has been a tough and hard time in my life. Though not too far from my home in Orem I might as well be in China because my life has centered around a radius of about 15 miles here in St. George and my time has been about 80 percent missionary work..However as they say this has been the best time of my life. I have been reintroduced in a very spiritual way to my Savior in whom I am in the service of. I have met thousands of people from all over the earth and so many of them whether a member of the Church or not are searching for what once they know to be true. I have been in the presence of angels, I have felt the spirit of  the Holy Ghost as I have served others. I have fallen deeply in love with my wife, whom I am sealed for all time and eternity with. We are truly companions in the Lord. I have met the great spiritual saints of the earth in my fellow missionaries. I know I will cherish my friendship with them for all my life......The last couple of days I have served at Brighams' and the Tabernacle I was able to give 2 Books of Mormon to a middle aged couple from London, England. That was an exciting moment for me. I met today a man from Edmonton, a family from Calgary and a family from Mexican Hat, Alberta.. This all one after another. I love Canada, it is my second home. I miss going up there to visit Darolynes' family and seeing that beautiful land. I haven't been there for 3 summers. Many great memories there. I didn't mean to steal Darolyne away from there but it  happened. We love St. George it has a different beauty all of its' own. We have a home here and invite all to come and visit us. I miss my family I love them dearly each one of them give me such pride and I love to be around all of them. I miss my home in Orem I can't even think what it was like. I know I didn't like the winters though. Well I will quit rambling. God lives, He is my Father, like Sister Arwitti said God is a Mormon. Mark it, it is true.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Tabernacle Greets the World

The Tabernacle in St.George is very historic. All the modern day Prophets save Joseph Smith has spoken there. Brigham Young 26 times. To me it is very sacred place in the history of the restoration. Today there, I was able to give a Book of Mormon to a Brazillian lady from Henderson, Nevada. She was very receptive of the message of the restored gospel. She said many years ago in Brazil she was visited by two young mormon missionaries and really liked what they had to say but had not thought about it until today I challenged her to read the Book. Scary what could happen to this world if people would just read the book.. I then met 3 people one boy and two girls here in St. George from mainland China. They were thinking of coming here and playing golf at Dixie State University. They left with two Books of Mormon, one in mandarin Chinese and one in English. Interesting what is happening with the Church and China.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why Do People Join This Church? Because It Is True

At Brighams' house I gave out two Book of Mormons one to a young couple from New York. The other to an older couple from California. Yesterday had the typical p day. Mowed the lawn took Darolyne to the hospital for an MRI on her  back then went to  Hurricane to get our drivers license change to our St.George address. Then went to ChuckA Rama for lunch then home for a nap. Then we went shopping for outdoor pillows. We also got a delivery of a chest of drawers for our bedroom. Now all we need are drapes. I called Hailee Skye yesterday also and had a long good chat. It was good to hear from her again. She told me the following story. She is interning at the big hospital in Murray. She was there Sunday and they let those who could have a short Sacrament Meeting. During the Sacrament, there were only 8 people there, all 8 got very spiritual and weepy. Hailee really started to tear up and did not know why. Later she learned that the Prophet was in the next room from her. Then she learned wherever the Prophet is there is a concourse of angels. She knew that for sure. She did not know if her was there visiting someone or was there because of health reasons. This experience strengthened her Testimony. Why can't we see that the Lord wouldn't let his people be alone without the inspiration and revelations of Prophets on earth today.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Pioneer week the 24th of July when the Mormon Pioneers came into Salt Lake Valley. We celebrated by serving in Brigham Youngs' Winter Home. The local St. George newspaper the Spectrum sent a photographer out to Brighams'  house. He happened to join a tour that Sister Childs was giving. She then made the front page of the newspaper. Sorry this is upside down and sideways my computer skills are not good enough to turn them, print them off and you can look at it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Yesterday at Brighams' Darolyne had a great experience with a couple from California, a Latino couple who were going to Mt. Rushmore and hadn't planned to stop kin St. George but went to the Tabernacle and them to Brighams. They got a Book of Mormon at the Tabernacle then Darolyne taught them about  geneology then they went to Jacobs where Elder Collins taught them more a bout the gospel....When they left they wanted to know more about the gospel because they were touched by the spirit. Elder Collins got a referral and is in touch with the missionaries in California to follow up. Teamwork... I gave two Books to to two environmental scientists from Ohio that are working at Zions'
park. Then today Darolyne gave a Book to a lady from California. On our P day I had to give the lesson to the Sr. Missionaries, I felt good about it. Fore!!!! then I went golfing with my grandson Brody who is staying a couple of days before going to another basketball tourney in Las Vegas. We golfed 9 holes at Southgate. I shot a one under 34, which I do not do too often. But I have my new eyes going for me. Brody shot one over 36.  I got him by 2 strokes I haven't beat him for a long time.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dr. James Person

Today I went to the Tabernacle. Right away I gave a Book of Mormon to a lady from Pennsylvania and a lady from North Carolina.  Then one those once in a while souls comes in and you have a chance to meet him. His name is Dr. James Person a 73 year old retired educator teacher counselor and college professor from LA via Buffalo New York. He grew up a Baptist and attended the pageant at Hill Cummorah many times. He has read the Book of Mormon and some day he may join but for now he is just a Christian with a lot of tolerance for all religions. We talked about the Blacks and the Priesthood in which he understands that that has been taken care of. The quote I got from him was "I don' t meet strangers I meet people" I love that. And he was extremely friendly he was just traveling the National Parks. Last night he met a stranger at the Motel and looked for him a Book of Mormon but couldn't find one at the Motel so he asked for one and he was going to go back and give him a book. Angels you will meet and know it not ! I just met one. Jamie, Mindi Carson and Brody came down then went to Vegas to Brodies bb tournament. His AAU team played teams from Texas California Vegas and Portland and won all the games and took home the trophy. It was great to see them we don't see them as often as the other family members. Donna wanted to see some photos from our new home so I will submit some all though they don't tell the story.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tiny Miracles

I talked to my sister Carolyn  the other day. Her husband, Winston, and her are now on their mission in Salt Lake City at the Family History Center. Winston is a retired Attorney owning his own firm in Idaho Falls. He was thinking of going on a mission overseas even Africa. I think they were a little disappointed when they got their call. They were only in Salt Lake City for a week when he was learning to do family history. After searching his line on an obscure site he found that he had a brother that had died when he was only a couple days old. His parents had never told the family about it. Do you think that is one reason he went to Salt Lake City? These missions bring the miracles and we are just observers of the work that the angels on the other side are busy helping us. Today at the visitor center we had about 12 people come in from Slovenia Before it was all through with all their tours with the sister missionaries they left with over 10 Book of Mormons in Slovenian. They also wanted the missionaries in their country to visit them. The Lord is truly hastening his work.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Miles Romney Great Grandfather of Mitt Romney

Miles Romney was an early pioneer in St. George. He was the superintendent of building the Tabernacle. He made the perfectly balanced spiral staircases in the Tabernacle. He was the Great great grandfather of Mitt Romney. We tell everyone that comes into the Tabernacle that as they come in to the Tabernacle. Yesterday Darolyne and I were serving at the Tabernacle when who should walk in the front doors,,,,Mitt and Ann Romney and 5 grandkids. They didn't want a tour but they wanted to show their grandkids the staircase that their great great grandfather had made. Darolyne met him at the door and talked to them I was on a tour. They stayed for quite awhile and seemed to enjoy the Tabernacle. I got to say a few words to him and Ann and shake his hand. I hurried and got a quick photo because maybe you wouldn't believe me. That is him in the Red Shorts. I told him I didn't know about his politics but I really liked his red shorts. He told me they were his swim trunks. Today at Brighams' house I took a family from France on a tour. at the end they took a Book of Mormon A geneology form and a copy of the Family. New missionaries came today and we were their first trainers. They are the Borcherts from Mesa, Arizona.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The Collins and us went to Jacob Hamlins' granddaughters' house in Bloomington, she is 90 plus years old. She is really spry. Her and her husband have Jacobs' tombstone. The family made a new tombstone and threw this one down into a gully. So she and her husband went and got it and now it is in their backyard. She also has a picture of her mother or Jacob and Louisas' daughter. Also she has her grand mothers', Louisas' sewing machine.