Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The End....Until We Meet Again

Tonight was our last day spent at the Temple Visitor Center. I gave 3 Books of Mormon today. The first was to a lady from LA who was really interested in our Church and learning more about it. Then came the last 15 minutes of our mission. Into the Annex comes a couple from Georgia and their daughter. They are not members of the Church. They became very interested in  the temple and why do we have temples, we spent the last minutes of our mission together. They wanted a Book of Mormon both the couple and their daughter. They also took the testimony of Joseph Smith. Then the Kaonas came in to help us close up and they had all the sister missionaries sing three hymns to  us. God Be With You Till We Meet Again. I Need Thee Every Hour. and another hymn slips my mind. Then we knelt around the Christus and they asked me to say the prayer. Very touching moment to end our mission...A great ending.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Alma Chapter 26

As I close out my mission I turn to Alma Chapter 26. Ammon is so thankful unto his God for being able to go amongst their enemies the Lamanites and change their hearts. he and his brothers Himni, Aaron and Omni have spent 17 years in the mission field with the Lamanites. Ammon does not boast in their conversions of the Lamanites but he glories in the Lord who was with them every step of the way as they were imprisoned and other harsh treatment but were highly successful in serving the Lord. Darolyne and I have served 18 months and almost every day we were able to teach someone that did not know about our Church. Today I taught two ladies from New Brunswick, Canada. a couple of days ago they just decided to go to Utah because they have heard about the beauties there. Then they happen to somehow get to Jacobs' house and here the story of this great indian missionary. When they left they
took with them a Book of Mormon. Also I taught a non member from Ohio who just moved here to live. He had a Book o Mormon but wants to learn all he can about the Mormon Church. He said he would probably join but he can't go on a mission. I told him he didn't have to go on a mission. That was a good moment. Who knows if we had any influence on all these guests or some of them, but I know that in many cases the Holy Ghost bore record of the truth because the Holy Ghost can only bare record of the truth. Yesterday at the Visitor Center I met a young couple from Germany after talking to them for a short time i took them and introduced them to Sister Gruenfeld a missionary from Germany. She taught them well and they left with a Book of Mormon in German and a referral card. These sites are truly places where people come off the street from all over the world and for the first time are taught the truths of the Church. Goodbye Jacobs

Saturday, October 4, 2014

As Sadness Sets In

Great day at Brighams' house. It is the St.George Marathon today and there are 8000 participants. One of the best in the United States. At our tour today us and the Dabbs gave 7 Books of Mormon. Darolyne gave 3 and I 1 to a kid from Utah who speaks German. My very last tour at Brighams' was to a young man and his sister from Idaho Falls, Idaho. They were in their 20s and had come down to the marathon. They were great great great grandchildren of Brigham Young. What a way to leave my service at his winter home. On my way to my house We stopped at Smiths', a grocery store, as i was walking down an isle a young man came up to me gave me a good look and ask me if I could tell him where the Trail Mix was.. The missionary tag. We had a guest today from Boise idaho who brought his 2014 Corvette with him so I took a picture of Darolyne Sister Dabb and Sister Watkins. It was also Joeys' 43rd birthday and they were down here to their home coming back from Disneyland. They will be taking my truck home tomorrow. Here he is with his beautiful wife Jamie. We only have 3 more days and we are feeling kind of sad. Today is General Conference, we have only seen parts because we are at the sites.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Friberg Germany Temple President and Matron, Newly Called

Today a Brighams' house I gave a tour to a couple from Friberg Germany, formerly East Germany, He was just called as the new Friberg Temple President by President Uchdorf. This was a great visit, I took them over to see Bedard Studio  where they could see his painting of the signers that appeared to Wilford Woodruff in the St. George Temple. I also gave 2 Books of Mormon to 2 ladies from L.A., they were very interested.

Our Last Transfer Meeting Starring Us

This morning we met in a transfer meeting and since we are going home we had to give a little talk and bare our testimonies. Darolyne did a great job. It should be written that she has been an excellent missionary always being obedient and diligent, more so than me. This is a picture of the Clarks' who bought our home here in St. George while we have been on our mission. Sister Montoya from Payson Utah Sister Fontaine from Montreal Sister Lubbert from Iowa. All these sisters are also going home.

Three Men Dressed in White

Today was a fun day at Jacobs. It was slow, not to many visitors then I looked out the window and up the walk came 3 men dressed in white. One of them had a long white beard. I thought The Three Nephites? No just  3 painters from Ogden working here in St. George.