Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ahhh Teaching the Gospel Again

Yesterday we gave out 3 Book of Mormons Darolyne gave one to a lady from Las Vegas and I gave one to a couple from my old home town of Redmond, Washington. Then Darolyne and Sister Leishman teamed up to give out a book to a couple who came in to the Tabernacle and didn't want to hear anything about religion then they bickered about the Mormon Church, they had been reading Mormonism for Dummies. At the end of the tour the lady wanted all the information we had about the Church. It is interesting how people come to fight come to dispute come to tear us down only to be touched by the spirit and in the end seek to know more. We are in the middle of trying to get our stuff, yes stuff packed and getting ready to move. The Lord continues to bless us with all we need to do. It was a good day at Brighams today a lot of visitors. I had a couple from Germany. The man grew up in Eastern Germany under communist rule and therefore had no religion his wife was a Protestant from West Germany. They were a really nice couple and had no idea about Mormonism. I hope I planted some seeds.

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