Tuesday, July 30, 2013

To Kobe pronounced Ko bay.

Darolyne and I went to Orem this last weekend and visited our home our amily and witnessed a true champion here on earth in one Daryk Childs. He truly is an amazing human being. He enters the MTC next week. It was good to be home funny though we really wanted to be back at work. I guess it is because we have not been released. Today I had an opportunity to give a blessing to a little preemie in the infant intensive care unit here in St. George. Since I have been here I have given or been in about ten blessings to people coming in the Center and asking for blessings. Today I gave a Book of Mormon to a woman from Texas but she is really from Guatamala. She is a child of the Book of Mormon. She said she felt something different here at the Temple Visitor Center. Today was a milestone in the Church as the new Temple film was first shown. Darolyne and I went and viewed a prospective home to buy Just looking but we would like something a little bigger, we shall see where this takes us.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jacob Young two days of work.

Yesterday at Jacobs house Lou and Lorelie Andrus came to visit on their way to California. It was great visiting with them. They have been neighbors forever and we love them dearly. pictures included. Today at Brigham Youngs house we had some very good experiences. The first visitors were 6 people from California but they really were just here from Taiwan. Only two of them spoke English. They said they really did not have a religion. I took them on a little longer tour time wise to teach them about our religion. I was able to leave with them 2 Book of Mormons written in Chinese. Then I had a bus come from Arizona with 18 Methodists. They had so many questions in which I was grateful because I was able to answer them, such as do you believe in the Bible, do you believe in Jesus, Who was  Joseph Smith, do you pay Tithing what are temples used for, and many other questions, after the tour I was able to give one Book of Mormon to a man in the group. Darolyne was able to give a Book of Mormon  to a young Baptist boy. Also I was visited by a man I hired years ago as the Band Teacher at Orem High, his name is Paul Lemon. He is not a member. When I was his boss I could not teach him the gospel,  but guess what?

 today I taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the truth.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Something Different

Today at the Visitor Center I had one of those experiences that only come by opening your mouth when moved upon by the spirit. Two older men about my age came into the Annex with Sister Randolph. They were waiting for their wives to do baptisms for the dead in the Temple. They were from Kanab. One of the mens wife was just converted to the Church and was baptized. The reason the men were not in the Temple was because the one man was totally inactive by his description. We had a good conversation when I asked something I would not usually ask and that was would he like to have a copy of the Book of Mormon. We usually do not offer this to members because they usually have a book in their home. He said yes I would like a copy and asked me to sign it . I did and was able to write my testimony of the book and asked him to read in Mosiah about the  conversion of Alma the Younger. He then asked Sister Randolph to sign it. This was a great experience. I feel that man will get active some day soon. This weekend we got a new toilet installed and also a new faucet. Not too exciting but just a note to remember when we did it.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meeting with Blaine Yorgason

Today we had an early morning meeting and heard from Blaine Yorgeson the author of the book, All That Was Promised, the history of the building of the St.George Temple. This was a great meeting and we learned a lot even though I have read it. Joey and Jamie are buying another house down here and they are selling their townhouse. This new house is a beauty. It is only 1600 square feet buy it is a single house with a swimming pool. It is a beauty. Today at Brighams house I had another one of those experiences that you could feel the spirit of the holy ghost work through you as i bore witness on the Book of Mormon to this gentleman from Puerto Rico, I was able to give a Book of Mormon in spanish to him. Tomorrow we will have a P day and we are getting a new toilet, the one we have is too short. Also we will get a new faucet in our kitchen. We need new cabinets and sinks and granite in our kitchen. It was a hot day 108 degrees. The Davis' are going home tomorrow, they are great missionaries.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

KCs visit

KC came down this weekend with his friends and Janie the dog. We had the dog stay here while he and friends went to Bryce Canyon and ran a half marathon. Then the next day they went to Zions and climbed Angels Landing. We served at Jacobs and then at the Tabernacle today. Today we had a man from Helsinki Finland. He was a member for 30 so years but his wife was not a member. I asked him how hard was it to be married for so long and be of different faiths. He said it was hard but they make it work. Darolyne had a man come in today from Germany wondering why they call us Latter Day Saints. She helped him understand why. The weather tempered a little down to 100 degrees, it has felt a lot better.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Team Teaching

Yesterday I had another one of those experiences that I could easily say was miraculous, meaning something happened that was very unusual and would seem to be a coincidence if you wasn't there and didn't feel the spirit directing this event. A man a woman from Payson came[pictured] in to Brigham Youngs' yard and asked for a tour. I took them into the little white house when another  older couple and a boy wanted a tour. I invited them to join us. They were from California, grandparents and their grandson. They were not members of the Church. When we were settled I asked the non members if they know anything about our Church. They said, no. Then I did something I never do. I asked the man from Payson to tell them about our Church. He started out with the whole Joseph Smith story and about the apostasy and the first vision and the restoration of the gospel of J
esus Christ, then all about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and about modern day prophets etc. He went for 15 minutes the other folk were very interested in what was being said. While he was telling the story I looked at his wife she had tears streaming from her eyes. She caught my attention and said quietly to me that her husband just got active in the Church and she couldn't believe what was going on.As we completed our tour the 3 from California wanted 2 Book of Mormons and seemed like they would read it. The Miracle was two fold. nonmembers heard the gospel being taught by the power of the Holy Ghost and this good brother from Payson who  just got active talked like he had been converted active all his life. Come to find out he had been a smoker for 42 years and had not been to Church. His wife was a Relief Society president. A couple of months ago he had a heart attack and was able to quit smoking.  Anyway a great day. I never have let another person in the group teach the gospel,this truly was inspired of the Lord.


The temperatures here have been off the charts. The last two weeks it has been as hot as 115 degrees and always around 108 degrees. We just go to the sites and come home and eat and go to bed. This last Fourth of July week we had programs at the Tabernacle alot of different entertainment, the one i will always remember is Rydin High a western duo singing an original ditty called Dead Hors
e Trampoline. We went out to eat at the Black Bear with the missionaries on the 4th  and then went over by the temple and watched the fireworks. Sam Jarman and Lydia stayed with us a night on their way to California. The last couple of days Darolyne and I have given out 4 or 5 Book of Mormons. One of those went to a couple of ladies from Las Vegas who were Hispanics, they came into the Visitors Center and told me they were looking for a religion, they were Catholics but just do not feel good about it, I was able to teach them about our religion then give them a Book of Mormon in Spanish. They went over to the main Visitor Center and I know they were taught  more. Experiences like that are very spiritual to me. A couple of days ago Susan Easton Black and George came in the Visitor Center, Darolyne talked to them.They were recently married and have a little home down here and wanted to serve a mission down here. However they just got their mission call and they are going to Nauvoo for a year. So they were here to see Elder Watkins to see if they might be able to come here at some other point in time.  Enclose is a picture of the S.George Temple that Daryk took; he took many hours to capture enough photos to photo shop this picture, spectacular