Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Tabernacle Greets the World

The Tabernacle in St.George is very historic. All the modern day Prophets save Joseph Smith has spoken there. Brigham Young 26 times. To me it is very sacred place in the history of the restoration. Today there, I was able to give a Book of Mormon to a Brazillian lady from Henderson, Nevada. She was very receptive of the message of the restored gospel. She said many years ago in Brazil she was visited by two young mormon missionaries and really liked what they had to say but had not thought about it until today I challenged her to read the Book. Scary what could happen to this world if people would just read the book.. I then met 3 people one boy and two girls here in St. George from mainland China. They were thinking of coming here and playing golf at Dixie State University. They left with two Books of Mormon, one in mandarin Chinese and one in English. Interesting what is happening with the Church and China.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why Do People Join This Church? Because It Is True

At Brighams' house I gave out two Book of Mormons one to a young couple from New York. The other to an older couple from California. Yesterday had the typical p day. Mowed the lawn took Darolyne to the hospital for an MRI on her  back then went to  Hurricane to get our drivers license change to our St.George address. Then went to ChuckA Rama for lunch then home for a nap. Then we went shopping for outdoor pillows. We also got a delivery of a chest of drawers for our bedroom. Now all we need are drapes. I called Hailee Skye yesterday also and had a long good chat. It was good to hear from her again. She told me the following story. She is interning at the big hospital in Murray. She was there Sunday and they let those who could have a short Sacrament Meeting. During the Sacrament, there were only 8 people there, all 8 got very spiritual and weepy. Hailee really started to tear up and did not know why. Later she learned that the Prophet was in the next room from her. Then she learned wherever the Prophet is there is a concourse of angels. She knew that for sure. She did not know if her was there visiting someone or was there because of health reasons. This experience strengthened her Testimony. Why can't we see that the Lord wouldn't let his people be alone without the inspiration and revelations of Prophets on earth today.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Pioneer week the 24th of July when the Mormon Pioneers came into Salt Lake Valley. We celebrated by serving in Brigham Youngs' Winter Home. The local St. George newspaper the Spectrum sent a photographer out to Brighams'  house. He happened to join a tour that Sister Childs was giving. She then made the front page of the newspaper. Sorry this is upside down and sideways my computer skills are not good enough to turn them, print them off and you can look at it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Yesterday at Brighams' Darolyne had a great experience with a couple from California, a Latino couple who were going to Mt. Rushmore and hadn't planned to stop kin St. George but went to the Tabernacle and them to Brighams. They got a Book of Mormon at the Tabernacle then Darolyne taught them about  geneology then they went to Jacobs where Elder Collins taught them more a bout the gospel....When they left they wanted to know more about the gospel because they were touched by the spirit. Elder Collins got a referral and is in touch with the missionaries in California to follow up. Teamwork... I gave two Books to to two environmental scientists from Ohio that are working at Zions'
park. Then today Darolyne gave a Book to a lady from California. On our P day I had to give the lesson to the Sr. Missionaries, I felt good about it. Fore!!!! then I went golfing with my grandson Brody who is staying a couple of days before going to another basketball tourney in Las Vegas. We golfed 9 holes at Southgate. I shot a one under 34, which I do not do too often. But I have my new eyes going for me. Brody shot one over 36.  I got him by 2 strokes I haven't beat him for a long time.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dr. James Person

Today I went to the Tabernacle. Right away I gave a Book of Mormon to a lady from Pennsylvania and a lady from North Carolina.  Then one those once in a while souls comes in and you have a chance to meet him. His name is Dr. James Person a 73 year old retired educator teacher counselor and college professor from LA via Buffalo New York. He grew up a Baptist and attended the pageant at Hill Cummorah many times. He has read the Book of Mormon and some day he may join but for now he is just a Christian with a lot of tolerance for all religions. We talked about the Blacks and the Priesthood in which he understands that that has been taken care of. The quote I got from him was "I don' t meet strangers I meet people" I love that. And he was extremely friendly he was just traveling the National Parks. Last night he met a stranger at the Motel and looked for him a Book of Mormon but couldn't find one at the Motel so he asked for one and he was going to go back and give him a book. Angels you will meet and know it not ! I just met one. Jamie, Mindi Carson and Brody came down then went to Vegas to Brodies bb tournament. His AAU team played teams from Texas California Vegas and Portland and won all the games and took home the trophy. It was great to see them we don't see them as often as the other family members. Donna wanted to see some photos from our new home so I will submit some all though they don't tell the story.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tiny Miracles

I talked to my sister Carolyn  the other day. Her husband, Winston, and her are now on their mission in Salt Lake City at the Family History Center. Winston is a retired Attorney owning his own firm in Idaho Falls. He was thinking of going on a mission overseas even Africa. I think they were a little disappointed when they got their call. They were only in Salt Lake City for a week when he was learning to do family history. After searching his line on an obscure site he found that he had a brother that had died when he was only a couple days old. His parents had never told the family about it. Do you think that is one reason he went to Salt Lake City? These missions bring the miracles and we are just observers of the work that the angels on the other side are busy helping us. Today at the visitor center we had about 12 people come in from Slovenia Before it was all through with all their tours with the sister missionaries they left with over 10 Book of Mormons in Slovenian. They also wanted the missionaries in their country to visit them. The Lord is truly hastening his work.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Miles Romney Great Grandfather of Mitt Romney

Miles Romney was an early pioneer in St. George. He was the superintendent of building the Tabernacle. He made the perfectly balanced spiral staircases in the Tabernacle. He was the Great great grandfather of Mitt Romney. We tell everyone that comes into the Tabernacle that as they come in to the Tabernacle. Yesterday Darolyne and I were serving at the Tabernacle when who should walk in the front doors,,,,Mitt and Ann Romney and 5 grandkids. They didn't want a tour but they wanted to show their grandkids the staircase that their great great grandfather had made. Darolyne met him at the door and talked to them I was on a tour. They stayed for quite awhile and seemed to enjoy the Tabernacle. I got to say a few words to him and Ann and shake his hand. I hurried and got a quick photo because maybe you wouldn't believe me. That is him in the Red Shorts. I told him I didn't know about his politics but I really liked his red shorts. He told me they were his swim trunks. Today at Brighams' house I took a family from France on a tour. at the end they took a Book of Mormon A geneology form and a copy of the Family. New missionaries came today and we were their first trainers. They are the Borcherts from Mesa, Arizona.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The Collins and us went to Jacob Hamlins' granddaughters' house in Bloomington, she is 90 plus years old. She is really spry. Her and her husband have Jacobs' tombstone. The family made a new tombstone and threw this one down into a gully. So she and her husband went and got it and now it is in their backyard. She also has a picture of her mother or Jacob and Louisas' daughter. Also she has her grand mothers', Louisas' sewing machine.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Fourth of July

Busy and Warm those are the words, different because now I have to deep up the yard and it is a quarter of an acre  mostly Xera
scaped though. Last night we went to the fireworks here in St. George. This is the  most magnificent fireworks I have ever seen. We were at Lynne Romneys' brothers house high on the D hill. There were 3 big shows going off simultaneously one on the old airport hill one on the Pioneer park hill and one at the Rodeo grounds. Totally unreal. We took the Sr. Missionaries with us. Included are some pictures of our new house.
Last picture of the Bowcutts who will be going home to Perry, Utah. They were only on a one year mission. I served as an assistant with Elder Bowcutt with Elder Bowcutt. Elder Clark from Provo is now the new Assistant along with me.