Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Answer to Prayers

This is not my work so why should I try to do this by myself? Today I prayed that the Lord would lead people to Brighams house where I would be serving, I pray this every morning but i tried more of a fervent prayer,the Lord answers your prayers is my testimony. Today was not very busy but every visitorwas a nonmember and I was able to teach. First was a couple from San Antonio via New  Hampshire, they were in town for a conference and happened by, they were very interested in the Mormon Church and after the tour wanted a Book of Mormon and the Joseph Smith story. Then came a couple from Columbus Ohio, they wanted to know more about our church the wife watches byutv because of the clean content. They too wanted a book of mormon after the tour. Then a couple from Brazil came by, they said they were seventh Day Adventist but became very interested in the notion that there was a Church restored with 12 apostles like the old church. They wanted a book of mormon joseph Smith story and all of our literature. Though they could speak English they wanted a Book of Mormon in Spanish. This man, Alexandre Abbud gave me a referral so we will get them a visit by the missionaries when he goes back to Brazil. Then came this lady from Mexico wanting some things someone left on the sidewalk, she lives in St.George and is not a member. I asked her if she would like to have our missionaries come to her house and teach her the gospel. She said yes. What a great day the Lord answers your prayers. Last night we had family home evening with all the Senior Missionaries at The Pizza Factory. This morning was transfer meeting. There were 2 Sisters going home; Sister Forsen to Portland and Sister Pile to Austria. Pictured also is the hike Darolyne and I took to Red Cliffs recreation

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another Great Story

Elder Drolet of British Columbia had a great experience the other day in the Temple Visitor Center.A couple from Germany came in, he met them and began to talk to them about the gospel and then they opened up and said... Do you believe in angels? ... in which he said yes. They told him that a day ago they went  on a hike in the Narrows in Zion, they had never been there before. They got disoriented and it started to get dark and they were in the water and getting cold, then it got dark... Then after a while they could see a glimmer of light quite a ways away. Then a few more dots of light, then it , the lights got closer and closer, it was a search team coming to find them. The couple was astounded and grateful, n one knew they were in the Narrows, what was going on? After they were in a safe haven one of the rescuers said that a young girl appeared to them and said .. my mother and father are in trouble and told him exactly where they were. The young girl fit the description of this couples daughter who had passed away several years ago then the rescuer told them when they get too St. George please go th the Temple Visitor Center and they will teach you about why that happened. Elder Drolet took a long time to teach them especially about eternal families. Many people bring or send friends and loved ones to our sites to be taught by the missionaries for this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ restored for the last time.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In Addition To..

The night I met these boys from Indiana,I also met two young foriegn exchange students from Shanghai China going to school at SUU. They had no relig
ion in their lives but we gave them copies of the Book of Mormon in Mandarin Chinese. Also I gave a book to a man from Oregon who just came in off the street and asked me if I had one of those books you know one of those books that you believe in. I gave him a book and off he went.
Picture here is Darolyne and one of the actors that plays Brigham Young in St. George Live, tours of old downtown St.George that the tourists can take.


I had a really good experience the other day at the Temple Visitor  Center. An older couple came in he was from New Zealand and she was from Hawaii they had been living in Alaska but most recently moved to St. George. With them were two 19 year old boys from Indiana. Here was there story. On the way back home from California this couple saw a boy on the freeway near Primm Nevada {59 miles west of Las Vegas} he was waving his arms frantically, they could tell that their car had broken down. He, the man thought I don't pick up hitchikers and went on then he had a second thought and for an unknown reason went back to see what the problem was. The  boys car was broken down. The man took the boys into Las Vegas to get a tow truck. They got the car back to Vegas to a mechanics shop in North Las Vegas. The man now thought all would be taken care of, the car would be fixed. The Mechanic shop was in a very bad part of town which frightened the boys. They were told that the car could not be fixed the engine was gone. So the boys got their tent out and stayed in a vacant lot that night, until in the night a man approached their tent with a rifle and two Rotweilers. He told the boys to get off of his property. Once off their property one of the boys fell to his knees and began to pray, he had never prayed before he had no religion in his life. This was 2 am Las Vegas time.Now at 3 am St. George time [the times being the same] this man awoke in the night and for whatever reason he could not explain, he knew he had to go back and check up on those boys. The man made it back to Vegas and found the boys scared to death, they did not know what to do. Now these boys were good kids adventurous but
no religion at all in their life. This man took them back to his house in St. George where they where staying until their parents could send the title to the car so the could salvage it to get money to get a bus ride back to their home in Indiana. So they had to wait 4 or 5 days in St.George. The man and his wife, Latter Day Saints brought these boys into the Visitor Center, there is where I met them. I then did the best I could to teach them the restored gospel and they accepted the Book of Mormon and will have referrals made to meet the missionaries in Indiana. We are promised that we will meet Angels unknowingly in this life either they be on this side of the veil or the other side sometimes we do not know. All I know is I just went head on to a miracle in these young boys life.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Trail Continues

In the last 5 days we have had two Prep days which is quite unusual. KC came down and we went on the first real good yard sale on one of the P days. I was able to obtain 5 or so old pieces to work on.. We went on a hike on the Chuckwalla trail. Joey and his family were also down here but their kids were sick so we didn't do a lot with them. On Sunday though at the Visitor Center I gave 3 Book of Mormons to 3 men from The Czech Republic then with the Sister Missionaries we gave out 10 more Books to people from France. Darolyne gave the Lesson in our Sr. Missionary Meeting. She gave a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She did such a great job. She is an excellent missionary. She is so conscientious about everything in this mission. She takes charge of all the public relations with the tabernacle and does a great job. It is the hardest of all the collateral duties in our mission. This week is the Senior Games and there is 11000 participants from all over the world. The other day we met a lot of participants from Alberta. One of them played football for Brian Dudley. What a mission it seems like every day we meet someone who we know or knows us from our past.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Drought.... Drought ended

It had been 3 days since we were able to give anyone a Book of Mormon but today we broke th drought. I gave 2 Books to couples from Minnesota and California. Th National Parks are closed so we have had lots of visitors. It is Fall Break so KC and Joey
and family have come down to see us. Darolyne got her hair streaked, photo, and we said good bye to the Narramores and the Olivers and hello to the Dewitts.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Just a Note

This weekend was a special weekend to be out in the field when General Conference is taking place. I have felt especially close to the spirit. Daryk flew out to Japan today he would be there now. He called Darolyne and I when he was at SeaTac Airport in Seattle. What a special person. Brodie is playing in the 5A State Golf finals he shot a 75 and was close to the leaders, he plays one more round tomorrow. lThe match is at Alpine country Club. Great day today Taught 15 from Germany 5 from France 2 from Switzerland and 2 from Mexico. We found out the Olivers are leaving the mission because he has had a stroke..... So sad.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Marathon

Today 7600 runners came to St.George to run the Marathon. They came from every State in the U.S. Today Darolyne and I were at The Brigham Young home. First thing I met a couple from Michigan and a lady from New Jersey. The very first thing I talked about was the Book of Mormon. I am always surprised that most people do not know why they call us Mormons. When they find out they usually want a copy and more information. They both took Book of Mormons. Today is also General Conference in Salt Lake City. It is such a great privilege to serve in the field and hear the speakers talk about missionary work. Our Mission is so special because we meet so many people and are able to teach and lift all of our new friends. Two days ago I met a couple from East Germany they could hardly speak English but were really humble and wanted to learn about our Church. They took Book of Mormon in German. Oh also today I had 4 students from BYU and they provided me referrals for the missionaries. Yesterday was a prep day Darolyne got her hair streaked she looks really good. Then we had lunch with the McCoys.  Of course it was Chuck A Rama. Then they took us House looking because they are realtors; we went to a house in Santa Clara 650000 dollars but oh wow, 6200 square feet with a smaller house that was a Cassita with a dance studio a gym a home theater and the a high end motel room. Then we visited another house in Santa Clara, a beautiful home with garden , orchard and half and acre. 3000 square feet for 295000 dollars. What was unique about this home was it turned out to be my old friend and Superintendent in Vernal Phil Ellis house. Phil passed away with cancer this last year.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pinch Me

This mission is unreal. Where do you get to meet people from all over the world and teach them the Restored Gospel of  Jesus Christ? Yesterday and Today Darolyne and I have given away about 15 Book of Mormons. Yesterday at Brighams' house I taught a couple who were Methodists from Tennessee Darolyne taught a couple from a Slavik country we were successful in giving them Books. The couple I taught wanted to know the difference between their Methodist religion and our religion. I told them that our religion is restored from the Church that Christ set up with Prophets and Apostles. Today a great thing happened. Our Government shut down and the Parks were closed. So the People came to temple visitor center in droves. About 6 busses all from France but one from Belgium. I was able to give a lady a Book in Dutch who was from Belgiun. The last thing of the day a bus came from France they  came in the Annex where I was and Sister Sordes taught them in French for about 15 minutes they asked a lot of questions and she kept teaching, I had no idea what they were saying but I could feel the spirit strongly I had tears streaming down my cheeks because of the spirit that was there. When she was through we gave out at least 15 Book of Mormons in French...pinch me how lucky am I to witness the miracle of the spirit.