Sunday, June 30, 2013


This last week we went to Manti to Man a booth. It was the Manti Pageant they hold each year at the Temple. We were met there by some of our family. Jamie, Mindi, KC  Hailee Daryk Carson and Brenna. It was a very good experience except the Evangleists that protested all night claiming JoeSmith was a fraud. There presence is a testimony that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God. We slept ther in a bed and breakfast. The next morning we went back to Saint George via Panguitch and Panguitch Lake. That was beautiful and cool. The weather here has been record breaking it has been 224 degrees F. This week I was at the Visitors Center when i met with 4 people living in Chicago but who are Chinese

from Mainland China. They were Christians and were interested in what Mormonism is about.  Today we teach a combined priesthood and relief society at Sunset first ward.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You know you are serving a mission in the Temple Visitors Center WHEN

Today was anothr transfer day. We have two sisters going home and in a month Elder and Sister Davis will be going home. Sister Arwitti is going back to Micronesia and Sister Owen will be going back to South Dakota. Lots of tears today. I love these missionaries they are very good missionaries and very spiritual. Sister Owens did you know you ae serving a mission in the temple visitors center when as follows:  someone calls asking to meet with the missionaries, you forward the call to Temple Security, Its 120 degrees outside and you are wearing a sweater, you know how to say mens womens toilets in 5 languages, In your prayers at night you ask for forgiveness for telling people that the treat Brighams was hit by lightning, your willing to make historical facts more interesting, you already have your wedding dress picked out because you get aa free show every Saturday, you refer to the Annex as the Man Cave, you see a couple wearing tank tops and khakis shorts you know they are French. Today Darolyne gave a Book of Mormon to Catholic man who was married to a Jewish woman, She wpent a good hour with these peiople. Pictures included of Tranfser Day

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Selected Hey There's

The last couple of days have been very good I have given out 3 Book of Mormons two to people from Las Vegas and one to a couple from Oregon. We went to missionary meeting Tuesday morning to find out that the Director Elder Watkins wants Darolyne and I to go out to a couple of wards to talk to the combined meetings. We had dinner out with the Collins. Today has been a P day and we went as far as we have been since we have been on our mission. We went to Sand Hollow then over to Toucherville to see the old winery that the Mormons made wine to sell to the miners at Sil
ver Reef. Also yesterday Princess Jamie got in a wreck and totaled her Honda Pilot, gratefully no one was hurt. They will now have to get a new car. Daryk went to the temple and is further preparing for his mission. KC is preparing to do Logan Radnar. Pictured is the winery and Sister Bergrens who will be finishing her mission at the Center. She is over 90 years old.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Today we say addios to 4 of our missionary sisiters who have been waiting for visas to go to Argentina. They are Sister Romero, Sister Fairbanks and the pictures of Sisters Page and Jones. These Sisters have been excellent missio
naries and have taught me much. Today 5 men from Nigeria and Ghana they were all members except one who was going to get baptized in weeks. One of these men was from Nigeria and he went to College in Egypt. He was a Muslim at the time. He met  a Mormon and was converted and baptized into our church. This was heard by Egyptian authorities. They put him in Prison and he was there for 15 years. He is now going to school at UVU He has written a book about his story. It will be coming out in November. It will be called My Name was Mohammed. Can' t wait to read.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

One Hundred Degrees of Fun?

Last night we went to Tuachan to see the production of Mary Poppins. It was one hundred degrees at show time, 8:45. It was way hot to watching a play. At intermission at 10:30 it was still 100 degrees. Yikes. How will I get out of this. Both of us were sweltering and the production was quite slow and boring. So we left and went home. So did quite a few of the other missionary couples. The party before was very good. We had to make a picnic lunch for another couple. We made a lunch for the Davis and the Naramores made a lunch for us. They brought us a dinner from Dickies Barbecue. Today at the Tabernacle I had a great experience by taking a Family from Las Vegas on a tour. They were non members but knew about our Church. He was a Polynesian from Samoa. He played Football at the U of Hawaii, he played against BYU when Ty Detmer won the Heisman Award. Oh memories. Any way I was able to bare my testimony to him about being a person of the Book of Mormon.There was a strong spirit there.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Daryk Dropped By

Daryk and his friend Chase dropped by on their way to San Diego. He will be reporting to the MTC on August 8th and will have his farewell on the 28th of July. We will be able to go up to Orem to see him off. It has been vewry hot here over 100 degrees every day. Tonight we will go to Tuachan to see Mary Poppins. That is an outdoor theater in the 100 degree heat. Yesterday we did a session at the temple with the seniorl missionaries then went to Brighams house. We have had many great visitors. Darolyne has been getting all the non members and I the members lately. Monday Jeanne and Con came to Jacobs house then we went out for yogurt.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hot Hot Hot

Well we have encountered our first taste of hot weather. 108 degrees three days running. The last couple of days we have been at the Tabernacle, and Brighams and Jacobs homes along with a P day. I went golfing with the sr. missionaries including elder Watkins. Darolyne found out that Priscilla Hamblin is a descendent of Thomas Dudley the Governor of Mass. Just like she is. Darolyne had a great visit with a Jewish couple from San Francisco. They were interested in t he church to ask a lot of questions about it. She gave a Book of Mormon to a young man from Pennsylvania who was an agnostic. He was thrilled to get all the pamphlets that went with it. I gave a tour to 3 school teachers from Chicago who were retired they were very interested in the church and in doing some genealogy some day. One had Danish ancestors so we were practically related. Today Darolyne encountered a snake at Jacobs house. We had many cute young Mormon families come today.They were from Wyoming, Logan Ogden Orem Bluebell and Lehi and Sandy.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Varied Experiences from Below the Red Rocks

At the  temple visitor center A man came in from Raymond Alberta he was a Cooper but his  Grandmother is Mary Dudley who is Gordons first  cousin. He was  going to Texas to  Medical School. He already was a Chiropracter. Today at the Tabernacle I met a family whose great great grandfather was a stone mason on the tabernacle in 1870. He left his engraving on a stone on the building as pictured. Darolyne had a great day today she met with a lot of non members.

I had the opportunity to take quite a few non-members through the tabernacle.  There was a wonderful
couple from Belgium who had been taught by missionaries many years ago and had a Book of Mormon translated into the Dutch language.  They were very interested in everything and had a lot of questions.  I also taught a couple from Florida who were very interested in the church and in genealogy.  They visited the Tabernacle in Salt Lake and the Visitors Center as well as the Genealogy Library.  They took a Book of Mormon and also  other pamphlets we had about temples.  I then had a couple from Sacramento California who also had a Book of Mormon from years past but enjoyed the tour and were very friendly with lots of questions.  One lady came in alone and was from Philadelphia
Pa.  She was part of the Road Scholar group and was originally from New York.  She had visited the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers museum and was so impressed with everything in it.  She is Jewish and she had a lot of questions.  She had studied quite a bit about the tour and about St. George so she was somewhat knowledgeable about Mormons.  It was a fun day sharing the gospel with each one of them.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Darolynes' Bucket List

Today we served at the Tabernacle. At the end of our shift the facilities manager came over. He asked if we would like to go up and see the attic. We did it was a really neat exper
ience to see the workmanship of the pioneers by seeing the inside of the building. Then he asked if we would like to go up in the bell tower and see the workings of the clock and the bell. The climb was rather steep up a metal ladder. I do not like heights so I said no, however Darolyne ever the daredevil said Yes, she said this was on her bucketlist. She did.