Thursday, March 27, 2014

Made in Japan

Today we worked at Brigham Youngs' house. There were so many people from Idaho. They are having Spring Break in Idaho, there isn"t any Spring there so they have come here where there is plenty of Spring.  A great thing happened there today. A group of 21 students from Japan came for a tour. They came with their a travel assistant a man about 30 years old. Darolyne went and talked to him because he spoke English. He said they were from Osaka. That is very close to Himidji where Daryk was just transferred. Darolyne got this young mans name and address  and phone number and email address. She told him about our grandson serving an LDS mission in Japan and asked him if he could visit him when he got back to Japan. Now go figure here are 21 Japanese high school students visiting St. George on a 2 week to stay with Dixie High School students and host families for 11 days.  Now where in St. George today would the Lord find a connection to Japan and a missionary in the same area that they  live. Coincidence or Miracle.  Tender Mercy for sure. The Lord is hastening his work I testify.  We found out today that we need to speak in Church again to a Sr, Ward. Also an older lady and man, grandma and grandpa came to Brighams with there two daughters and 10 grand children. The Lady at the end asked what my Childs genealogy was I told her and I found out that my Great great grandfather William Childs, who lived in Nauvoo and came across the plains and was sent to settle Gunnison. Guess what? That was here Great grandfather. We all had a great big family hug, kind of.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


In the last two days I gave 7 Book of Mormons while at the Temple Visitor Center. The first was to a lady from Alabama who said she knew some Mormons in Alabama and in fact there is the "State Temple of Alabama" in her city. I explained that we don't have State Temples and then got to teach her about Temples. Then a girl from Boise, Idaho wanted one of those Mormon Bibles. Then a Father, Mother, Daughter and Son in law from Shanghai, China came in to the Annex. They spoke a little English. They left with 4 Books written in mandarin chinese. Then a couple from Lima Peru came in she was from England and he was from Australia; they met in Peru and were here on business. She was super interested in the Church and wanted all the literature she could get her hands on. Also yesterday 4 of our sister missionaries were in a car wreck. An old feller went throug a stop sign and smashed the back end of their car. They were sort of ok, 2 of them went to the hospital. Last night one of them Sister Duvall from Toronto was teaching two of her and Sister Busteeds' investigators and invited me in for a minute long enough to hear one of the mens' first prayer. This was a great experience. These Sister missionaries are amazing. We got a letter from Daryk today. He was transferred to a city of 500,000 and was made a District Leader. This is a big deal. He is 18 years old and only been out about 4 months. He is an incredible young man. His Japanese must be pretty good. It was a warm day today 82 degrees. Darolyne had a little miracle yesterday with a young man who spoke Ukranian and a young man who was being taught in the Center by Sister Pahguay and he was from the Ukrane.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Brenna at the Tabernacle

This weekend KC Brenna and a Doctor friend of KCs named Jeremy from London England came to do hikes in Zion Canyon. On Sunday we were at the Tabernacle and they came over for a tour. Darolyne gave the tour and at the end of the tour she offered Brenna and Jeremy a Book of Mormon. Jeremy said he already had one but Brenna said I have known you guys all this time, about 2 or 4 years, and nobody has offered me a Book of Mormon and she wanted one. So that was a real sweet experience. If anyone reads the Book of Mormon with a sincere desire to learn and prays if it is true will receive a confirmation by the holy ghost that it is true. If it is true then Joseph Smith truly restored the gospel in the last days for the last time until the Savior comes again. The problem is that Satan will do all he can to keep people from reading that book. Brenna has been in our home has spent two Christmas with us and Joeys family, she is from Long Island, New York.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Spirit and The Angels Truly Exist

I had an experience today at Jacob Hamlins home. It wasn't earth shaking it wasn't a spiritual wow, what it was was the spirit working quietly while the missionary,me, was just teaching the best I could. A group of 6 people came in the home. I taught them the greatness of Jacob for I truly believe this man was a very unusual person who filled a great void in the 1800's. He was quietly a gift from our Father to help the American Indians or Lamanites. As this particular tour ended I said are all of you members of our Church, because I assumed they were. Wo, one lady from Nebraska who just moved to St.George to teach at Dixie State University, said, "i'm not". I asked her if she would like some of our materials, she said she would because she would like to know more about our church. I gave her a Book of Mormon, the Testimony of Joseph Smith a pamphlet on Temples and other materials. Her friend that was with her seemed to be bewildered that she wanted to learn. See, her friend was a member but had not taught her much about our Church. The Spirit moved on that lady and those on the other side hastened the work. I was only the mouth for those who could not speak to her. Being a missionary is a tremendous work when you are trying to be in tune with the spirit.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Two Mountain Goats

We went up to Gunlock for our P day. A missionary said after a week of missionary work it is a good thing to be able to pee. We went with the Collins and then to the Ledges and ate at the Fishrock Grille. At Gunlock we went hunting driftwood. Fun day. This week Darolyne is the winner giving a Book to a couple from Washington DC and a Navajo Book to a Navajo lady. We went to the Temple this week and did sealings.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Week in March

Very busy week. Meetings, meetings, meetings. Good week, gave a Book of Mormon to a man from LA, Darolyne gave out two yesterday to a couple from Minnesota and Las Vegas. When I say that I we  guve out a Book, it means we introduce them to our Church. Why are we called Mormons? and then tell them about our Church and about the Book of Mormon. Then we offer a free Book to them in their language and some say no and some want one and some are really interested and want to know more. The Book of Mormon is the most correct book on the face of the earth and if people read it for themselves and pray about it the Holy Ghost will manifest itself to them of the truthfulness of that book and the Restored Gospel. Yesterday we Went to the Temple with the McCoys to witness Heidi being married and sealed. Then went to an Organ recital by a lady from Calgary, Alberta, then gave tours at the Tabernacle, then went out to dinner with the Governor and his wife and the Andrus' who all were in town. Friday night we did the Fireside in the Tabernacle, which is our responsibility now. The speaker was Glen Rawson, he does History of the Saints, on TV. There was a full house of 850 people. Great inspiring program as he told stories all night. Then yesterday we put another bid in on another home here in St. George. We think we need a little bit bigger home so our  family doesn't forget us.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weeks Memo

This week was daylight savings time switch so that has been hard since we had to get up early for my meeting Monday morning and then training meeting on Tuesday which was our p day. Last Friday Jim Spencer came down and gave a great talk at our Friday Fireside at the Tabernacle. John. his son came down to see him. The foreign traffic has not begun yet but coming soon. The temps have been above average. We put another offer on a house her today. It is kind of crazy to buy another house but we want to live down here at least half time and make this our first house then buy another smaller house up north. We'll see what happens. Missionary work goes on every day meeting and greeting and teaching every day. By the way Darolyne is so much better
than me on the details. She knows her dates and history better than I. I like to tell the stories. This is a picture of John and Jim Spencer at the famous podium at the Tabernacle.This is where Lorenzo Snow gave his famous Windows of Heaven speech. Also most of our Prophets have spoken. A lot of people say that I look a lot like John Spencer, what do you think?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Transfer Day

Selfie with Sister West Sister Childs with Sisters Soards and Allen Sister Childswith Sister Hee and Us with Sister Anthian. Yesterday was a good day i gave out 3 Book of Mormons one in Korean. Another to a lady from Portland that was very interested.

Monday, March 3, 2014

A Week Later

I haven't written for a week. Darolyne and I have been ill but we do go to  work. This last week we  have been training the Kahonas' from Hawaii. The Cannons have gone home. They trained us 10 months ago and have been stalwarts in our group. This last week there have been several highs when I gave a book of Mormon to a couple from Saskatchewan. Also gave a Book of Mormon to a lady from Alabama. She was very interested in American Indians. I shared with her my experience with the Ute Indians. Then I taught her about the Book of Mormon and how it was a history of the American Indians. She said she would like to read it. Darolyne gave two Books of Mormons to three from Texas. They were also going to Deseret Book to get a Doctrine and Covenants. When I tell of given Books to people what I mean is we teach them about the Church and invite them to read the Book of Mormon. We only give out books to people who are not LDS. There are many experiences we have with members of our church active or less active. People do not come to the sites unless there is a reason. I have been going to Monday morning meetings with the Director. Also our new duty of Friday night devotionals have kicked in and has caused stress for both of us because it is quite detailed and it has to go off each Friday night.