Monday, April 29, 2013

Things To Note

I really do  not want to make an entry every night but today a few things transpired. Wee were a the Temple Visitors Center. First people to come in the Annex at about 9 oclock was a couple from Florence Italy. They were  visiting the Canyons and just saw the Gleaming White Temple from the freeway.The Husband spoke some English the wife did not. I explained to them about the Church, the restoration through Joseph Smith and the bringing forth of the Book of Mormon. Then I tried to get a Book of Mormon in Italian.I pretty much bore my testimony to them. Then a man from Red China came in I was able to give him a Book of Mormon in Chinese. He was really appreciative. Then 3 people came in from Korea. They were members visiting the State. Come to find out they were from Joeys mission area, Taejon, South Korea. The older gentleman was a Stake President there when Joey was on his mission. Small World. This mission is so spiritual although we will never know if anybody ever joins the Church. Well not until we pass on to the spirit world. This i know to be true, this is what drives me, that someone who introduced to this true Church will some day by the power of the Holy Ghost will accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also today Pat Morris got out of hospital and now will stay with us for a week or so to recuperate before she heads back to her mission in Hawaii. Of course Darolyne is taking care of her. My wife is amazing.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Here We Go Again

Yesterday we went for a walk, Darolyne went and saw Pat Morris  at the Hospital. She is doing ok but not as good as she thought she would. Then off we went to Jacob Hamblins home. Met some interesting people the most memorable was a gentleman from Alaska who looked like Grizzly Adams in his coveralls.He was not going to come into the house but I went out and met him and asked if he would like to visit an old Pioneer Home. He said OK. He was at our site because he was birding. Now that is something I know about because of KC. He came to St.George because of the different species of birds and specific around Jacobs' home. He was doing The BigYear where birders see how many species of birds they can count in one year. He said so far he was up to 146 species. Well we taught him who the "Mormons" were gave him a book of Mormon and challenged him to read third Nephi chapter 11. Off he went and I found a new friend. All of Darolynes' visitors were LDS from here California and Arizona.  Then we went over to the Temple Visitor Center, there I met a Mr. Richard Richards who was a grandson of Stephen L. Richards who was in the first presidency when David O McKay was the Prophet. This morning we went to Sacrament Meeting and Kathy Dietrich was there she told us that she was getting a hip replacement. Her and Rudi still plan on going on a mission to Nauvoo in October. Then we went to the hospital to see how Pat is doing. Now we are headed out to Jacobs house again. Oh last night I was asked to help a gentleman give a blessing to a young boy who was going to get baptized. He was 9 years old.

Friday, April 26, 2013

First P Day

Today was our first p day or preparation day. Last night Mindi Brodie and carson came over from AF on their to Las Vegas for a tournament with Brodie, a basketball tourney. Brodie set up a tee time this morning  so Brodie I and Carson went to Southgate. Great time. In the mean time Pat Morris who is serving in  Hawaii flew in to Las Vegas and drove her to have an operation on her esophagus. She had it this morning . Darolyne took her their and went and visited her tonight. Yesterday we were at the tabernacle. Elder Cannon and I met with a couple from Austria, they thought we were the Amish. We were able to teach them about the church. They were receptive and we gave them a Book of Mormon in German. We also met a family from Seattle the daughter spoke French and accepted a Book of Mormon in French. Darolyne visited with a couple from Vernal, members. Also a couple from Wisconsin. We went over and visited with the McCoys. Last night the Mission Leader and his wife Elder and Sister Watkins from San Diego took us out to Dinner at George  a new restaurant in St, George.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Week

The last two days were filled with very good or what I would call spiritual experiences. At Brigham Youngs' house I had a couple from Vancouver Washington come for a tour. When greeting them the lady told me that a year ago her son was killed in Afghanistan. For a year she has hardly been out of her house being very depressed. They spent the winter in Arizona and were heading back to Washington. She was very solemn, she knew she would see her boy again. Elder Cannon and I taught them about our beliefs of the plan of  salvation. They were very interested  and wanted to know more and took a Book of Mormon. When they left she looked at us and said We will meet again. Meaning in the spirit world. We also met with an older couple from Rochester NewYork. They lived only 30 miles from Palmyra and never heard the Joseph Smith story. So we told them about it. The next day April 25th  we were working the temple visitor center  when 4 people from Amsterdam came in. They could speak English. They were touring the National Parks. They were interested in what the temple was all about. They were Christians but did not go to church. Elder Cannon led out and gave and excellent intro to our church and the Book of Mormon. They were not only willing but excited about receiving copies of the Book of Mormon. We gave them 2 books written in the Dutch language. Oh yesterday we got up at 5 am and went to the temple to do sealings. One of the Sealers was Wayne Shute a professor at BYU of mine when I was getting my Doctorate.
Darolyne had a great experience at Brigham Youngs' House. She met with a  couple from Chicago. They have been to the Tabernacle they were very impressed and had taken a Book of Mormon. They were going to all of the sites. They were Catholics but were disallusioned in the way their church was going. They were so excited to find another religion that had answers to questions they did not have answered before. They were great fans of Mitt Romney.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


We are now in St. George. Our first day we met with Elder and Sister Watkins from San Diego, they are our mission leaders. We were given an intro and our schedule. The first 8 days we will be with our trainers. They are Elder and Sister Narramore of Evanston, Wyoming and Elder and Sister Cannon of Salt Lake City, Utah. Friday afternoon we were at the Temple Visitor Center from 3pm to 9pm.. I with my trainer met about 160 visitors. Several were non members. There were two couples one from Tennessee and the other from LA they were quite interested in what goes on at the temple. I was able to talked to them about temple marriage aided by a wedding party on the grounds going on at the same time. Elder Narramore helped out. We had 3 folks from Peru come through they were  looking for where Lorenzo Snow gave his tithing speech. Might I interject that missionary work is WORK. Today we went to the St,George tabernacle. We only gave one tour. It was a couple from Springville, Utah he was a descendent  of Lorenzo Snow. Then at noon a Sister Terry gave a organ recital to about 40 people..Tomorrow we go to Jacob Hamblin home. One story our mission leader told us was about 2 weeks ago Glen Beck came to the sites. He showed Elder Watkins a gold pocket watch he had. He turned it over and revealed the initials JSJ. It was Joseph Smiths watch that he gave up to his jailers to get out of jail. Glen got it from a man who said he could get it from him if he would show it to people and tell Josephs story.

Friday, April 12, 2013

End of the week at the MTC

This ended a real spiritual week at the MTC I learned so much that I can use on my mission. The biggest thing I learned is to teach by the spirit. To do this I need to humble myself and be obedient.If I do this I know the Lord will guide and direct my thoughts and actions. I had the opportunity along with my companion to teach to investigators who were in the role. I met most often with  my District. Brother and Sister Eastman from Arkansas going to Martin Willley Center in Wyoming. Elder and sister Billie from Josep

h,Arizona going to Fresno, California, and Elder and Sister Nuttall from Cheyene, Wyoming going to Nauvoo, Illinois. Thise are wonderful Saints and we really learned in one week to really love them. We also worked with the Chyneouffs from St. George going to Nauvoo. Every person we met had a great story. The best though was the Nuttalls who sold there house  and every thing they had to go to Nauvoo. They had very little money eleven children and had only one set of clothes yet they were the happiest.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MTC Experience

Today, our second day at the MTC we met in our District. There are three other couples in our  District.   One of the couples is Elder and  Sister Billy A Navajo couple from Joseph Arizona. As we introduced ourselves today Sister Billy bore her testimony. She told how appreciative she was of Father Lehi and Nephi. And first thing she wants to do when she passes on is to thank them personally for preserving the records for her. A very solemn and tearful testimony. This night we went to the devotional and Gerald Lund was the speaker. This brought so many memories back when I served in the MTC by the way when I was a Branch President so was Gerald Lund. By the way my great grandmother was a Lund.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Elder and Sister Childs

Tonight April 6, 2013 Darolyne and I were set apart by our Stake President Ron Stoddard. Set aside and commissioned to do Missionary work. President Stoddard gave Darolyne and I great blessings for me he gave me a blessing of health on my mission  a blessing to teach by the spirit to pay attention to the spirit as I teach. That I would be apart of Miracles. He blessed Darolyne to have her health and her mind would be able to remember the things she has learned to teach and she will be able to teach by the spirit. It was a special night because Jamie came with Hailee, Daryk, Brodie, and Carson and Joey came with Luke and Harley. They all got to say why they liked their parents and grandparents. It was special and you could feel the spirit really strong. This is a special experience. We were promised that our family will be blessed while we are on our mission. KC had to work and could not make it. Ryan did not want to come. May the Lord bless all our family while we are gone. We love them all.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Timpanogas Temple at night

My grandson Daryk got a really nice camera for his birthday and he went to he temple late at night and got this snap. Earlier that day Daryk Brodie, Jamie and I went golfing at the Hobble Creek golf course. It is a great joy for me to be out on a golf course with the ones I love. Wonderful day highlighted by this beautiful picture.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Meeting They Used To Call FAREWELL

Today the last day of March Darolyne and I were the speakers at our wards Sacrament Meeting. This was also Easter Sunday. Darolyne talked about our mission. She told the story of my great grandfather, Peter Hansen, and his travails in his call to serve in St.George with the Indians. My talk centered on the Savior and my testimony of him. After our meeting we had our family and friends over to our house. We now have a week until we enter the MTC. I called Elder Watkins of the visitor centers in St. George and told him we were coming. Everyone says we will do good, however, only with the help of our father in heaven. KC was not there because he was on his spring break trip to the Oregon Coast with Tess.