Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weeeeeee!! on P Day

It was a great p day..Governor Herbert called and asked if I would like to go golfing FREE at Sand Hollow  Resort. Yes Yes. I went had a great time. Then we went out to lunch with he and Jeannette. It was fun, Gov is a hoot. kept us in stitches. We did Brighams house and Darolyne was a great missionary working with two Deaf people and taught two couples from Poland giving them Book of Mormons. KC had a bad week being in the ER and worried about a stroke, or MS, turns out he had nerve damage because of all his physical activites, ie marathon, climbing the highest mountain in Idaho, biking etc. Jamie and Hailee took really good care of KC as his anxieties raged. Pictures from top to bottom. Governor Gary Herbert and I at hole #14 Sand Hollow, Hole # 14 at Sand Hollow, Mesquite Beans outside Jacobs house, this is what the Indians subsisted on, My sister Doris and my nephew Steve and his wife Lynnette Olsen at Brighams office building, The Leadership of the Historic Sites Mission,Elder Cannon, Elder Jarvis and Director of the Centers Elder Watkins.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Erastus Saves the Day

Quite the day at the Tabernacle. This is the last week for St.George Live where a bus takes a group of people to the sites and historic characters talk to them. At the Tabernacle it is always Erastus Snow that talks to them. This actor was very good a former Visitor Center missionary from 10 years ago. We had a bus show up and he came back to do his bit on his own in the afternoon. I had a visit from Frances Merrells granddaughter. Frances was my secretary when I was Principal at Naples Elementary. What a fun thing to catch up with her. She lives up north and is in her 80s. I had a couple visit from England, he was Jewish but not practicing. I told him I had Jewish blood in me also. She had no religion and was quite interested in our Church. He was interested in Geneology and I  gave him some material to get ahold of our church geneology department and I had a great discussion of where did we come from why are we here and where are we going. Darolyne had a couple from New Jersey and the man was a Luthern Minister. She held her own and actually was able to teach him about the Book of Mormon. Darolyne is becoming quite the missionary. Yesterday was our 47th anniversary. We went to the Mall after we did an afternoon at Jacobs. Also last night it rained . The news said it was the most it has rained for a year and it only rained a half of an inch.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another Wonderful Day

Today we served in the Tabernacle. I met first with a couple and their young daughter from Germany by way of the Ukraine. They spoke broken English So I taught them a little about our Religion which they knew nothing. I sent them to the Visitor Center where there are German speaking sisters. I told the woman that she could get a Book of Mormon in Ukraine. I pray they made it to the visitor center. Then I worked with 4 single adults from Las Vegas. From them I got 6 referrals for the Sisters to make contact. Then a family from Germany came in for a tour, there was the husband wife and 2 teenage boys. I took them on tour and was able to place a Book of Mormon and other literature with them written in their language of German. Darolyne worked with some non members from Indiana and taught them the Gospel, they said they already had a Book of Mormon, they were interested in our Religion. All in all it was a great day a wonderful day. It rained today and yesterday and the temperature was in the 80s a very nice reprieve.

Blessing of Comfort

We were at the Visitor Center today in the afternoon and evening. it has been slow because everyone is back in school and the vacationers have slowed down. I visited with a couple from Copenhagen and then it slowed right down until 2 minutes before locking the building up, which is my responsibility. As I was locking the door to the Annex I opened it up and a young woman was quite distraught and weep;ing. i talked to her for a moment and she asked for a blessing. She said she and her family had just been evicted from their apartment and she did not know what was going to happen. She said they did not have a job and needed to get every thing out of their house tonight and she could stay with her sister tonight but they are now homeless. This lady I would say was in her thirties and was a polynesian lady. She was very humble and faithful. I found a security person from the Temple to help me give her a blessing. I gave her the blessing and felt the spirit very strongly and gave her a blessing of peace and that things would be alright. There were tears shed.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Good Day

Yesterday we had a great day at Brigham Youngs house. Darolyne was able to place a Book of Mormon with a couple from Oregon. I gave a Book of Mormon to a couple from north Carolina, also I got two referals, one from Australia and another from North Carolina. Today we had a P day and had our car serviced and our tires rotated and balanced. Darolynes back is a little better today so that is a great thing. Lou and Lorelie Andrus came into town and bought us lunch at Cafe Rio...yum. Them tonight the Cannons came over to  inspect our  clubhouse. We will be having our next party in our clubhouse. Last night the power went off here in Green Valley at 3 am. It worried me because if it did not come back on then the heat would go up and up.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Down But Not Out

What a week so far. Darolyne came down with the flu that inflamed her back problem. So she went to the pain specialist to get a Cortizone shot. First though she had to get a blood test for a bladder infection. Then I came down with the stomach flu and threw up. This happened after I just left our shift at the Tabernacle. Now we are ready to go to Jacobs house and I am still really  weak. When Darolyne was sick at Jacobs she would lay in the antique bed because she was in so much pain. On the preaching side I was able to give away a Book of Mormon to three people from Switzerland the Book was in German. Then I was able to give a book to a couple from Las Vegas in Spanish. Darolyne worked with a couple from Colorado for about an hour and a half who were interested in our Church the man was a Lutheren and had a lot of questions for her. He left with a Book of Mormon and a lot of our materials about our faith. Joey is moving into his new house today, Darolyne is tending the kids and I am home resting. Jamie came down with this flu and also Luke.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


You know this Mission is very hard and time consuming but yields its spiritual rewards. So after everyday we thankfully meet our BFFB, Best Friend Forever Bed. This week was filled with many events. Tuesday was transfer day and we saw some of our best missionaries go home. The Thompsons Sister Dahle, Sister Ulig, Sister Kim and Sister Barber,, these were some of the very best missionaries. Sister Ulig was from Germany and Sister Barber from Ireland. The Thompsons are from Texas. Then there was the Hi Bye party catered by DUBs with two games The Cowpie toss and the milking contest. On Thursday our new Recliner arrived from RC Willey.Of course Darolyne gets to use it. But I get the old recliner that was solely Darolynes we both win on the that deal BFFR or Best Friend Forever Recliners. Joey and family came today on their way to California. We went over as they saw their new home. It is a great place with its own swimming pool. We took their family out to eat. Oh and probably the greatest event of the week was Daryk going in the MTC on Wednesday.He has emailed and is getting used to the grind and loving it. The MTC is such a spiritual place. Along with that last Sunday night someone broke into our car and stole our keys to our mailbox. On the spiritual side we have been really busy;  the sites have been swamped. Today at Jacobs house Darolyne was able to give away a Book of Mormon to a couple from California. We also bought an old chest type freezer which will help us with our frozen food space. Just for instance of how busy it has been today at Jacobs today we taught about a total of 75 people. One of those was Rich Astle family from Bountiful he was the :Principal of Bountiful High School when I was in the District Office.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mountain Meadows

Darolyne and Collette McCoy at the Mountain Meadows Massacre site. This is the Mormon Tragedy where the people from Arkansas where massacred by the Mormons and the lndians. Jacob Hamlin was the person who testified against John Lee in John Lees trial for the Massacre. Jacob Hamlins wife Rachel was living up here at their summer home where she raised cattle milk cows and sheep in the summer. She was here when the massacre took place. She took in the surviving children. This site is about 30 miles north of St. George.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hey!!!! Amigo!!!

Yesterday Darolyne and I stopped at McDonalds for our lunch walking up to the store I saw this tattered old Indian man and heard  his voice, "Hey Amigo" I didn't think he was talking to me but when he said it again I went over to him, now this is because I wear the badge Elder Childs Church of Jesus Christ on it, he knowing I was a missionary then asked when I was going to the temple  I told him maybe in a week, Why, he said he had a sick friend Sarah who he wanted her name put in the temple, I told him I would get in touch with the temple today and get her name on the prayer roll. My wife then called the name in. Such faith this man had for his friend, reminds me of the Savior when someone in the crowd just grabbed his hem and was healed because lof his faith. Today in the Temple visitor center I had an opportunity along with Elder Drolet of British Columbia to give a women a blessing. This woman was from Ogden and was in St. George on a shopping trip when she felt something wrong in her abdomen because she was 13 weeks pregnant, being out of town she stopped in to see a doctor and then came over to the Center for a priesthood blessing. It was a great blessing again to a woman who had a lot of faith in our Savior to heal her by seeking Priesthood holders in a strange town. Two days ago I was at Brigham Youngs house wen two business men from Florida camein. They were interested in our Church so I was able to give them a Book of Mormon. Today at the Visitor Center 4 people came in from China and wanted to learn more about Religion, Sister Barber from Ireland started to teach them and I observed a true messenger from god in action she took a long time with them and they left with Books of Mormon in There native tongue of Chinese. Why can't the world see this marvelous work the Book of Mormon and read it. They all say we don't need another book, OK then just read it and Pray about it.