Saturday, October 4, 2014

As Sadness Sets In

Great day at Brighams' house. It is the St.George Marathon today and there are 8000 participants. One of the best in the United States. At our tour today us and the Dabbs gave 7 Books of Mormon. Darolyne gave 3 and I 1 to a kid from Utah who speaks German. My very last tour at Brighams' was to a young man and his sister from Idaho Falls, Idaho. They were in their 20s and had come down to the marathon. They were great great great grandchildren of Brigham Young. What a way to leave my service at his winter home. On my way to my house We stopped at Smiths', a grocery store, as i was walking down an isle a young man came up to me gave me a good look and ask me if I could tell him where the Trail Mix was.. The missionary tag. We had a guest today from Boise idaho who brought his 2014 Corvette with him so I took a picture of Darolyne Sister Dabb and Sister Watkins. It was also Joeys' 43rd birthday and they were down here to their home coming back from Disneyland. They will be taking my truck home tomorrow. Here he is with his beautiful wife Jamie. We only have 3 more days and we are feeling kind of sad. Today is General Conference, we have only seen parts because we are at the sites.

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