Saturday, May 31, 2014

Communist China?

The last couple of days we have had quite a few experiences. I had a man from China come in to the visitor center from China. He had bad information about Mormons. He was traveling to Chicago. I told him a little about our Church and took him to the Christus and had the Savior talk to him in Mandarin Chinese. He was quite moved. He took a Book of Mormon in mandarin Chinese. Another young couple from mainland China came in and I worked with them for a while then they went over to the main building and the Sister Missionaries worked with them for quite awhile, they gave them a video on the restoration and got a referral so the missionaries in San Diego could work with them. They were going to college there. A couple from Northern California was looking to relocate for their retirement. I spent quite a long time with them then they went next door and asked the sister Missionaries for a Book of Mormon. Darolyne had a scare up front when a man a little intoxicated came in and announced that he was going to kill a man for taking his phone. He was quite emphatic about it so Darolyne called for Temple Security who spent quite a long time to calm him down. The rest of the night we were worried that he might come back in. It is a worry for me  because I am the only male with about 15 sister missionaries. Darolyne gave a Book of Mormon to a young girl who was not a member who came in with her grandmother to Brigham Youngs' home yesterday.  We had a big youth group from Ephraim and another large group from Hurricane. I also gave a blessing to Sister Harper from Australia. She was feeling quite poorly with congestion. Sister Leishman a senior missionary went to the hospital yesterday because she had a hard time breathing. They said she had a virus. When a Sr. goes down it really messes up out schedule because we do not too many ways to substitute for them. Last night at the Tabernacle we had our last devotional of the year.L. Dean Marriott spoke on Jesus at Capernaum. A Senior couple the Clarks' are coming over to look at our house. They seem interested to buy it. Lots going on and it is starting to go in the 100 degree range and will be around all summer long. It still is so beautiful here. I had another experience the other night. A family came in to the Annex. They mother and two daughters were members but the husband was not. He wanted a sr couple to come and teach him. I asked Elder and Sister Miller if they would do that because they lived quite close to them.

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