Friday, November 1, 2013


I met with a family today from Argentina The son  and daughter live here in St. George and the father and mother live in Argentina, they came to the Brigham Young home. The parents were not members of our Church. During the tour the father was touched about our church, he wanted a Book of Mormon in Spanish and so did his wife. He will have missionaries teach him in Argentina. He told me he felt something very special and thanked me. The son after our tour caught me by myself and said to me , can I bare you my testimony, and he did, now he has been a member for 8 years and was baptized in Orem. In his testimony he told me the missionaries came to his home in Orem for the first visit they started by asking if they could open with a prayer. He said he had never prayed before  and while they were praying he felt something different that he had never felt before. He then said he opened his eyes and the Savior was kneeling next to him.  He wondered if he saw what he thought  so he closed his eyes  and opened them again and again saw the Savior. Then at the end of the prayer he looked and he was not there. He testified to me that this was true. He said he could not keep the tears of joy falling for days. He then joined the church. He brought his family there today hoping that they could feel that spirit;
his dad testified to me that he did.  Also 2 days ago we had a p day and visited Zions and parts around with the Collins.  I forgot to add, The family name was Martinez and when we got through the boys Mon and wife came here after shopping. So This boy wanted to have his mother go on a tour, we did the great thing is this young man gave the whole tour by  himself in Spanish to his mother, she was very touched and he gave her the book of Mormon in Spanish, she had really not wanted to learn about the Church like her husband but she was touched.  Today we were at the Tabernacle I gave 2 Book of Mormons to a Hispanic family from Southern California.

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