Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Coincidence? Nah!!

Today we went to Brigham's home. I had a very interesting happening. This couple came for a tour. They were about 40 years old from New Jersey. They seemed to be of Hispanic descent. They  started off with an interesting story that I did not really pay attention to. They flew in yesterday to Las Vegas to  go to a show. So this morning they got up and wanted to go to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. As they hit the freeway they were about a hundred miles from Vegas when they found that they were  headed north and not  south, they were 30 miles from St, George, so they thought whoops we blew it so just let us go on and see what is in St George. They  stopped at the tourist information center and thought they would come to Brigham's house. They had only heard a little over the ages about Brigham Young. There we met we went on a tour and when we were done I asked them if they knew anything about Mormons and why we are called Mormons. We had a good teaching moment. I asked them if they would like a Book of Mormon. She wanted one I gave them Joseph Smiths testimony and directions on how to find their family tree. As we parted she said maybe this is why we got lost. She said things happen for a reason. Yes it hit me they were guided to our site and I was only a tool to introduce this couple to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Darolyne had  good day too she met with non members from Colorado and was able to place a Book with them. I witnessed this lady give Darolyne a great big hug as she was leaving. Darolyne is an excellent teacher and the people really like her tours. She is always true to the history. I love her dearly.

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