Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Answer to Prayers

This is not my work so why should I try to do this by myself? Today I prayed that the Lord would lead people to Brighams house where I would be serving, I pray this every morning but i tried more of a fervent prayer,the Lord answers your prayers is my testimony. Today was not very busy but every visitorwas a nonmember and I was able to teach. First was a couple from San Antonio via New  Hampshire, they were in town for a conference and happened by, they were very interested in the Mormon Church and after the tour wanted a Book of Mormon and the Joseph Smith story. Then came a couple from Columbus Ohio, they wanted to know more about our church the wife watches byutv because of the clean content. They too wanted a book of mormon after the tour. Then a couple from Brazil came by, they said they were seventh Day Adventist but became very interested in the notion that there was a Church restored with 12 apostles like the old church. They wanted a book of mormon joseph Smith story and all of our literature. Though they could speak English they wanted a Book of Mormon in Spanish. This man, Alexandre Abbud gave me a referral so we will get them a visit by the missionaries when he goes back to Brazil. Then came this lady from Mexico wanting some things someone left on the sidewalk, she lives in St.George and is not a member. I asked her if she would like to have our missionaries come to her house and teach her the gospel. She said yes. What a great day the Lord answers your prayers. Last night we had family home evening with all the Senior Missionaries at The Pizza Factory. This morning was transfer meeting. There were 2 Sisters going home; Sister Forsen to Portland and Sister Pile to Austria. Pictured also is the hike Darolyne and I took to Red Cliffs recreation

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