Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sooo Thankful

This week was Thanksgiving. We had the great pleasure to have KC come and stay with us along with Jane his dog. It was good to see family. Jamie and  Joey came down just the two of them. i wonder if they have ever been away from the kids since having kids? Probably not.. We took them out to dinner one night. We had our Thanksgiving dinner over at the McCoys with his family and KC it was a good time. Darolyne KC and I went on a hike to the Temple Quarry where the Pioneers brought 5000 lb. lava or basalt rocks down to the temple site, I mean brought down because we were way above the city. It was a good week for Darolyne and I , she gave away 3 Books at Brighams' one to a couple from Korea she gave them a Korean Book of Mormon, I gave 2 Books at the Temple Visitor Center to a lady and her mother from Prescott Arizona. They seem ed quite interested. They turned the lights on at the Temple and we were there Saturday night where we had over 400 people come in. Lou and Lorelie Andrus came by on their way to Los Angeles. I was at Brighams' house and this lady said, Bishop Bishop Childs I looked and said ok who do we have here. She said Jamie Stubblefield I was your Relief Society President when you were a Bishop at BYU. She was there with her family from California. What a great surprise she was a great President. One morning I awoke with great pains in my lower back.I thought they would go away but they have just intensified. It has been 4 days so I will have to see a Doctor. Lou Andrus was my first Counselor in the Bishopric.

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