Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

On this day I want everyone who reads this to know I love love love my beautiful wife. She is beauty in  the way she looks and has aged but she is even more beautiful in her spirit. She has done a fantastic job as a missionary, she give great tours, very spiritual and gracious and in her collateral duties no one is better. Yesterday we put a bid on another house in Stonebrook. We will see. It would be a great home to be able to live here at least half a year. Pictures coming if we get it. It will start to be our busy season now with Presidents day kicking it off. Yesterday was our P day and we not only put a bid on a house but

we went on a little hike. This is Cuckwalla canyon just outside of town such another beautiful place in St. George. Today it will be 75 degrees on Valentines Day. This last week Elder Watkins asked me to be his Assistant along with Elder Bowcutt. We will also take over doing the Firesides on Friday night. Another story about Sister Brenders. She lost her wallet, she is from France so to have to get copies of everything else. So she fasted and prayed then the next day a person brought her wallet in to the Visitor Center. A Miracle  then guess what because she was blessed by the Lord she fasted again the next day to show gratitude to the Lord. Also up north in Utah they have had a severe drought this winter. So 32 Stakes had a fast and it started snowing and raining and has not quit. A Miracle and an answer to fast and prayer. Oh I forgot , last Sunday we spoke at a retirement center for Sacrament Meeting. There I was summoned by Duane Davis. Also a gentleman came up afterward and asked why I brought my Daughter with me. Ha Ha.

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