Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Collateral Duties

Yesterday Darolyne and I at our Tuesday morning missionary meeting were given our new collateral duties. We will now be taking Elder and Sister  Hewstone of Australia jobs. They were in charge of the Tabernacle Friday night Firesides. You need to get speakers their bios and a conducting sheet and then go to the meeting and introduce them. Also Elder Watkins our Director for the visitor center and historic sites asked me to be the new second counselor  with him. That would replace Elder Cannon who will be going home in a few weeks. I will be meeting with him and Elder Bowcutt of Perry, Utah. Today in the Visitor Center it was very slow I did give a Book of Mormon to this lady who is going to give it to her neighbor from Columbia. This lady from Columbia can not speak any English so we gave her a Book of Mormon in Spanish. Tonight Darolyne was asked to go visit nonmembers with two of our Sister Missionaries. They need a third Sister when they visit a single man. Oh yesterday we had a first in our mission we went all day at Jacob Hamlins' house without one visitor, a first.

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