Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where Do I Begin

Where do I begin, the last couple of days are filled with spiritual events. Yesterday a young girl came in  to the Tabernacle from Alabama with an older lady . Her name is Deantra Alexis. She just joined the church in Alabama. Just after her baptism she went to General Conference and heard a talk by Jeffery Holland. She was struck by the spirit and wanted to move to Utah to be with more Mormans. So she did she went home packed up and came to Highland Utah and is staying with this lady until she can find a job. What a test of Faith. Reminds me of our ancestors who gave it all to come to Utah. Anyway I asked her if she sang she answered yes. So I asked her if she would sing  I AM A CHILD OF GOD. She sang from the Tabernacle Pulpit.At the same time Darolyne was giving a tour to non members from Florida. A father had come to be with his daughter for a day who is in a 24 hour facility in Virgin, Utah. They were in the balcony when
 Deantra sang It was such a great experience for this girl, you could feel the spirit fill the Tabernacle. Darolyne was able to give a Book of Mormon to the Dad from Florida. Earlier A couple came in from Des Moines Iowa the lady was a school Superintendent and a Lutheren. She dealt with Indian students when I shared with her that the Book of Mormon was a history of the Native Americans and told her the Indian people all have traditions of a sainted healer who came to visit them, she agreed. They took a Book of Mormon and the Testimony of Joseph Smith. Then last night was Rocky Revel the Seconds Baptism. Remember his story of how he was converted. It was a really spiritual event and Darolyne and I got to attend. President Center and his wife were also there.

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