Monday, May 27, 2013

A Memorial Day To Remember

It is a privilege to serve the Lord on a mission. Every day out here has its surprises you do not know who will come for a tour. Today Lordes Cebello and her son Caesar from Las Vegas from Chicago and prior from the Phillipines stopped by. Lordes was a little older than I and was using a walker. As I took her into Brighams' house she asked questions about our church. Ie, did Joseph Smith really see Christ. I spent a good hour or so just teaching them about the gospel. She was so interested she could not get enough. After awhile her son was also feeling the spirit. I was able to introduce them to the Book of Mormon what it was about etc. I gave them a copy. She took my phone number and my email address. I gave her a card to be able to contact missionaries to come to her house and teach her and him. It was another one of those experiences where the words came and the direction came without my really knowing what to say it came. The Lord really does bless his missionaries.

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