Sunday, May 12, 2013

Been Awhile

It has been a week since I made a post. In that week it has been Darolynes birthday and Mothers day. It seems odd to be away from the family on these kind of days. KC, Jane , Brenna and  Andy came down to hike the Subway in Zions National Park. Before that KC Darolyne and I went on a hike up Hell Hole  Canyon we made it only half way since the hike was in very soft sand and we, Darolyne and I had had it. Along the way we saw a lot of beautiful desert flowers .This week was a bomb for our mission we will be taking the Raymonds place.We went over to their house on Thursday and she trained Darolyne. Well, that starts a new experience. That will give us a lot of angst since we are inept when it comes to computer work.

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