Friday, May 3, 2013

Pat the Dragon Slayer

Yesterday I came home from a day at the Tabernacle when Pat Morris met us at the door with a I have great news. Then she told us the tale of how she caught and done away with the lizard that has been inhabiting our house for the last6 or 7 months and has only been seen 3 times that I know, once by me and twice by Ryan. He is gone now we can sleep in peace. Today was a very exciting day for Darolyne and I. We went to Brigham Youngs' house. From the moment we arrived until it ended it was a blur with people, we even had the help of two of the young sister missionaries and we were all busy. We had folks from Missouri, Colorado, Oregon, Utah and a special person from Paris France. This lady was with an old college friend she met in Grenoble, France years ago. She could not speak any English but her friend ,60 years old,interpreted. Through the course of the visit I told her that I had a special gift for her at the end of the tour. The gift was the Book of Mormon in French. She was excited to take it. I bore her my witness that this is the truth and she could learn about the loss of her husband by reading this book. She was a Catholic and did not believe she would be with her husband again for all eternity. I explained to her that she could. I put her a card in the book in third Nephi chapter ll and told her that after the Savior was resurrected he went to see the other sheep he told the twelve that he would visit and that this book tells the story of the Saviors visit to the Americas. I bore her my testimony and could feel the spirit of the holy ghost bearing witness to her that what I was saying was true. What a glorious experience.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth that is the glorious message of Restoration. Darolyne had a chance to use her French today. Quite the multi language person we have in our family. When I got home Mindi called and said Daryk had a message for us. Daryk got his mission call today. When he got his letter he went to a mount over looking American Fork. He went by himself. That is Daryk very introspective. With great joy he told us that he has been called to serve in Kobe, Japan. More than anything he wanted to serve in Japan. So you see this day is full of nothing but great blessing. This is Gods' earth and his church I so Testify. Oh also today a 90 year old descendent of Phineas Young Brighams' brother came through.

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