Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Transfer Meeting

Today we met for a transfer meeting to say goodbye to missionaries that are going home several sisters are leaving and the Andersons  and the Raymonds. They all bore their testimonies. It was a spiritual meeting. Photos included. Them Sister Childs and I went out to Jacobs home. We had a good day with meeting some fun people. A group of older folks 80s and 90s came with the Beehive house assisted living. They were fun people and quite alert intellectually but had a

lot of physical issues. After we met with them we talked with one of their social workers a young lady who was not a member of the church. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and talked to her about it. She committed to read it. It is interesting how many non members do not know what Mormon means. Then Darolyne had a good experience with a less active family with a daughter about the age of being baptized. She talked to the family and the girl to get her baptized Hot day 98 degrees and it is the middle of May.

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