Friday, May 17, 2013

Interesting Day

Today I went golfing in the morning with several senior missionaries at  Sunbrook. Then Darolyne and I went to the Temple Visitor Center. While there today I met a couple from Washington who were Jewish. I had a real spiritual tie to them and I told them that. I told them that my great grandmother was a Dark Dane or a Jewish lady from Denmark and that lets me have jewish blood flowing in my veins. I told them that the Mormons love the Jewish people. They told me that they had very high respect for the Mormons. Anyway there was a great exchange about our Savior who was a Jew. Also today I was working with one of the sisters Sister Arwititti pronounced aweesee. She told me about this experience she had when she went on her mission. She is from Micronesia and speaks a very seldom known language. She was sent to learn English. When she left her country to come to Utah she landed in LA airport. There her flight to  Salt Lake was delayed. It got late at night and she was asked to leave the area she was waiting in and go to another terminal she had to walk outside in the darkish night time. On her way she was being followed by two scary looking men who were talking to her, but remem

ber she can not speak English. So she started to pray asking for help from her father in heaven. Immediately acouple of men came towards her and scared her attackers off. The tall gentleman white with a beard started to talk to her in her own language.Then her gave her a 100 dollar bill and she said she did not need any money that she was a  missionary. The man told her yes she would need it. The man left saying my name is Joseph and I knew your parents before. She was sure that he was one of the three nephites. Oh by the way the next day she would need the 100 dollars to get on a different airline to get to Salt Lake.

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