Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another Great Story

Elder Drolet of British Columbia had a great experience the other day in the Temple Visitor Center.A couple from Germany came in, he met them and began to talk to them about the gospel and then they opened up and said... Do you believe in angels? ... in which he said yes. They told him that a day ago they went  on a hike in the Narrows in Zion, they had never been there before. They got disoriented and it started to get dark and they were in the water and getting cold, then it got dark... Then after a while they could see a glimmer of light quite a ways away. Then a few more dots of light, then it , the lights got closer and closer, it was a search team coming to find them. The couple was astounded and grateful, n one knew they were in the Narrows, what was going on? After they were in a safe haven one of the rescuers said that a young girl appeared to them and said .. my mother and father are in trouble and told him exactly where they were. The young girl fit the description of this couples daughter who had passed away several years ago then the rescuer told them when they get too St. George please go th the Temple Visitor Center and they will teach you about why that happened. Elder Drolet took a long time to teach them especially about eternal families. Many people bring or send friends and loved ones to our sites to be taught by the missionaries for this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ restored for the last time.

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