Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I had a really good experience the other day at the Temple Visitor  Center. An older couple came in he was from New Zealand and she was from Hawaii they had been living in Alaska but most recently moved to St. George. With them were two 19 year old boys from Indiana. Here was there story. On the way back home from California this couple saw a boy on the freeway near Primm Nevada {59 miles west of Las Vegas} he was waving his arms frantically, they could tell that their car had broken down. He, the man thought I don't pick up hitchikers and went on then he had a second thought and for an unknown reason went back to see what the problem was. The  boys car was broken down. The man took the boys into Las Vegas to get a tow truck. They got the car back to Vegas to a mechanics shop in North Las Vegas. The man now thought all would be taken care of, the car would be fixed. The Mechanic shop was in a very bad part of town which frightened the boys. They were told that the car could not be fixed the engine was gone. So the boys got their tent out and stayed in a vacant lot that night, until in the night a man approached their tent with a rifle and two Rotweilers. He told the boys to get off of his property. Once off their property one of the boys fell to his knees and began to pray, he had never prayed before he had no religion in his life. This was 2 am Las Vegas time.Now at 3 am St. George time [the times being the same] this man awoke in the night and for whatever reason he could not explain, he knew he had to go back and check up on those boys. The man made it back to Vegas and found the boys scared to death, they did not know what to do. Now these boys were good kids adventurous but
no religion at all in their life. This man took them back to his house in St. George where they where staying until their parents could send the title to the car so the could salvage it to get money to get a bus ride back to their home in Indiana. So they had to wait 4 or 5 days in St.George. The man and his wife, Latter Day Saints brought these boys into the Visitor Center, there is where I met them. I then did the best I could to teach them the restored gospel and they accepted the Book of Mormon and will have referrals made to meet the missionaries in Indiana. We are promised that we will meet Angels unknowingly in this life either they be on this side of the veil or the other side sometimes we do not know. All I know is I just went head on to a miracle in these young boys life.

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