Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Marathon

Today 7600 runners came to St.George to run the Marathon. They came from every State in the U.S. Today Darolyne and I were at The Brigham Young home. First thing I met a couple from Michigan and a lady from New Jersey. The very first thing I talked about was the Book of Mormon. I am always surprised that most people do not know why they call us Mormons. When they find out they usually want a copy and more information. They both took Book of Mormons. Today is also General Conference in Salt Lake City. It is such a great privilege to serve in the field and hear the speakers talk about missionary work. Our Mission is so special because we meet so many people and are able to teach and lift all of our new friends. Two days ago I met a couple from East Germany they could hardly speak English but were really humble and wanted to learn about our Church. They took Book of Mormon in German. Oh also today I had 4 students from BYU and they provided me referrals for the missionaries. Yesterday was a prep day Darolyne got her hair streaked she looks really good. Then we had lunch with the McCoys.  Of course it was Chuck A Rama. Then they took us House looking because they are realtors; we went to a house in Santa Clara 650000 dollars but oh wow, 6200 square feet with a smaller house that was a Cassita with a dance studio a gym a home theater and the a high end motel room. Then we visited another house in Santa Clara, a beautiful home with garden , orchard and half and acre. 3000 square feet for 295000 dollars. What was unique about this home was it turned out to be my old friend and Superintendent in Vernal Phil Ellis house. Phil passed away with cancer this last year.

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