Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 20 You Know What I Mean

This week we had our monthly party with the theme of Ugly Sweaters. We, the Senior Missionaries met at our clubhouse to show off our wares that we scouted out at DI and other thrift shops in town. Darolyne went as an Eighties girl and won a prize as The Most Colorful, Pictures added. I had n old golf sweater and received no award. Fun was had though. We worked all week and had very little visitors until yesterday when St.George was flooded with Martin Luther Day weekend visitors. In fact at sacrament meeting today the ward we went to was larger than if it was a Stake Conference.On our prep day we had to get our cars inspected and licensed and that was a hassle because our truck had a engine belt that needed replaced. Joey and Janie and their family came down to spend the long weekend. So two weekends in a row we had family down here. Yesterday at the Tabernacle the Andruses stopped by on their way to California and we had a great visit. On the Site visit front there have been mainly members of our church which gives us a lot of time to teach interesting things about the history of this area. Sam Jarman and his family was down here and stopped Duck Dynasty. Tomorrow is my birthday I will be 69 years old...Ouch but what better thing could l be doing at my age but to serve the Lord full time.

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