Monday, January 6, 2014


Yesterday I was at the Visitors Center when Sister Brenders and Sister Shafer came in with a young man and a young woman. They introduced them to me as the young man that they mistakingly met one day by knocking on the wrong door. He was a non member but accepted the invitation of listening to the Sisters. His girl friend is a member and had a dream about a Sister Missionary knocking at her door, so when the Sisters showed up she was ...
like an answer to my dream... Anyway the mans name is Rocky.. He has been going to church for the last 3 months. So in front of all of us he said he wanted to be baptized. So on January 17 he will be baptized. At about the same time Governor Herbert and his wife came in the Center. So I arranged to have these two tell the story to the Governor and also to Elder Watkins and his wife. A great night one that Senior Missionaries do not get in on.. Rocky grew up in Bountiful all around Mormons but knew very little about the faith. His friend moved here from Brazil. He came to St.George to manage a Larry H Miller Theater. The girl works there. She is the one who had the dream.

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