Thursday, January 30, 2014


Today Darolyne and I were assigned to the Temple Visitor Center. It was a quiet day with not too many pople coming in in the morning. I was called to come to Elder Walkins office where I found Elder Hewstone and his wife. Elder Hewstone, a Sr. Missionary from Australia had experienced alot of difficulty in the night with his wrists and his head. In the morning he couldn't read his email every thing was a blur. So he asked Elder Watkins and myself to give him a Priesthood blessing. I annoited and Elder Watkins gave him a very spiritual blessing rebuking the problem of his trouble and blessing him that he could remain on his mission. Then a couple hours later I was asked to give Sister Liu a blessing with Elder Dabb. I gave the Priesthood blessing . She had experienced a  lot of nausea. Later in the day we saw Elder Hewstone he said he had been to the Doctor and he was told that he did not have a stroke which was his biggest worry. Then later on I saw Sister Liu she was back to work and said she felt a lot better. Priesthood blessing are given in the name of the Savior and are miracles wrought by the faith of the recipeints and those holding the priesthood. It is an honor to hold the Priesthood of God and be able to use it.

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