Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year

2013 was a good year for us. We are serving a mission together and we are a week from being out 9 months or half way through. This last week was beautiful in St. George. We celebrated New Years with the Sr. Missionaries. We ate out then had a party in the basement of the Tabernacle. Darolyne  and I went on a hike to Johnsons Canyon we have not been on a hike for way over a month because of the weather and the rugged Christmas Schedule. Last night we had as our speaker at the Tabernacle Elder Steven Snow. He is a Seventy and the Churchs' Historian. He is a great great great grandson of Erastus Snow that was the Apostle that led the 300 families from up north to come down and settle St.George. HE talked about the interesting history of St.George. One of the things he said that I found interesting was the name the Paiute Indians gave George A. Smith was Nonchocowitcher which means the man who came apart. This because he had a toupee eyeglasses and false teeth. Reminds me when I was working with the Ute Indians in Eastern Utah they gave me the name Unugget which means Shiny Top. Not many peo
ple get an Indian name It shows that they love and trust you. The reason that I was talking to Elder Snow was to ask him if he was related to RJ Snow my Stake President when I was a Bishop he said he was his cousin and RJ was a Pine Valley Snow. Daarolyne is speaking at the podium in the Tabernacle where Lorenzo Snow gave his famous Windows of Heaven speach.

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