Sunday, April 6, 2014

April General Conference 2014

This is the second General Conference we have experienced in the mission field. We will have one more. We weren't able to watch it all because of being working at the time some of it was on the air. Some of the messages were classics i.e., Elder Oaks talk on Priesthood and woman, men have priesthood authority and woman have priesthood obligations to perform, we all operate under priesthood authority, aTalk by Elder Bednar on burdens give us strength, interesting concept, revelatory, Elder Bednar uses metaphors to teach, which is the highest form of teaching. Then Elder Packers closing testimony when he said "I know Jesus Christ" That reminded me when I was a Branch President at the MTC when he gave a talk and told the missionaries that they will be able to bear testimony and say "I know that Jesus is the Christ", he then said I used to say that too, now I simply say I know Jesus Christ." This week has been busy with a lot of people on Spring Break but next week will be the big spring break from the big school districts up north including Alpine School District. I gave a Book of Mormon to a lady from Virginia a day ago. Darolynes old friend Dianne Deak is coming to stay tonight, they have been staying in Phoenix heading back to Alberta. They are not members of our Church.

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