Friday, April 18, 2014

The First Family

Jamie, Mindi, Brodie and Carson came for a visit, really the first time they have been to see us. Jamie and the boys and I went Golfing at Sun River, great fun. Then I played Carson in basketball. When my grandsons can beat me I give them 100$. He finally beat me, he now is 13 years old.
Mike Eager came to Jacobs for our Hi Bye party. The Clarks from Orem arrived and the Hewstones from Australia are going home. Mike Eager dressed up like an Indian and told us from the Indians perspective what they thought of Jacob Hambin.
Carson receiving his 100$. Brodie beat Jamie for the first time ever. Brodie shot a 74 Jamie skyed into the 80s I shot an 87. Yesterday at the visitor center I taught a couple from Minneapolis she was Lutheran and he was a Catholic. They seemed to be interested in our Church and receive a Book of Mormon and other materials including the testimony of Joseph Smith.

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