Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

Here they come. Spring breaks and we have been inundated. Though most of the visitors have been members from the North I was able to give a book of Mormon to a young married couple from Massa chusetts. Today I gave two books to two ladies from Wisconsin. Also we gave over 12 Books to people from France and  8 Books to people from Sweden. I also met with a young lady from Bangladesh and a young lady from Pakistan. They were Muslins and did not want a Book. However they were taught about their heritage of children of Abraham as are the Jews and most Christians. Also I met a Childs a man descended from William Childs and in a separate incident met a lady who was a descendent from William Childs. That is my Great Great Grandfather. Darolyne gave 3 Books of Mormons to a lady which is going to give them to some ladies they are teaching the gospel to. The Books were in  Spanish. Today at the Visitor Center our cleaning ladies from Orem came in with their sister and brother in law from Chile. Come to find out he is an Area Seventy in Chile. I told them the story of the St. George Temple not  knowing at first that he was a General Authority. What good people, the Latinos are such good humble people. Just love them. Our cleaning ladys' name is Mabel Vasquez.

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