Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beginning of the End

We have been on our mission for one year as of today. We started the summer schedule, meaning the sites will stay open until 7 instead of 5. That is because of more sunlight in the afternoonThis cute family came to visit General Conference from a small island in the Cook Islands. Their Island doesn't even have a car on it they only have a few motorbikes. It is an Atoll and they have to get on an old rusty boat to get to an Island then they take a small plane to a bigger Island where they get to a bigger plane to fly to New Zealand then to the USA. Quite the trip to go to a General Conference. I live only 40 miles away and never go. I just watch it on TV. The older lady is 90 and made this trip with the rest of the family.This is Dianne Parkinson and her husband Craig. Dianne is an old friend of Darolynes from Lethbridge. They have a home in Waterton Park and spent last summer in Phoenix. So they were going back to Canada and stopped to spend a night with us.

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