Monday, September 22, 2014

Flood the Earth With Book of Mormons

Ezra Taft Benson when he was the Prophet challenged
 us to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon. That has been part of my mission. As my grandson wrote me from Japan we flood the earth with his gospel by one drop at a time. Yesterday at Brighams' I gave a Book to a couple from Syracuse, New York only 60 miles from Palmyra and Mendon where Brigham grew up. They hadn't heard upper New York was the beginning of our Church and Joseph Smith. Darolyne gave a Book to a couple from Indiana. Then yesterday we went to a broadcast of the dedication of the Ogden Utah Temple. Today at the Visitor Center I gave 15 Books to the people from France. Darolyne gave a Book to a couple of which one was Chinese and from Beaverton, Oregon. The great thing today happened when a couple, Mother and her 20ish year old son came in, they were from Germany so I took them inot the Center to see Sister Lipke from Germany. She spent a couple of hours with them and found out the mother had just lost her husband to death. She was on a trip and took her son. They ended up here where she heard about how her and her husband can be together forever by her joining the Church and having her husband sealed to her by the power of the everlasting priesthood. This is why they showed up today. These two wanted all the literature that we had and gave their information to  Sister Lipke who will contact them and continue to teach them and send the missionaries to their home in Germany. The pictures are from the party the other night at the Bowcutts. Picture of Elder Clark, who has been an assistant with me and Elder Watkins. A picture of a Rainbow from our back yard.

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