Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Lost Manuscript

Funny thing happened for some reason I have been Blogging on Carol Vincents' blog for the last three posts and then I deleted them. I will try to recount some of the activities of the last week. Monday morning I met at Dedes' for breakfast with Elder Watkins and Elder Clark, we are the leadership for the Sites. We had our meeting there. I will miss meeting with these brethren I have grown to love and respect them very much. I can remember that this week we served at Jacobs' three times which is  unusual. We were saying this week how much we love Jacob Hamblins' house, probably our favorite and we are starting to get meloncholy about leaving this mission. We love it because we truly feel like we are in the arms of the Lord. I know this week we have give out several Books of Mormon. I gave one to a man from Washington DC and a family from Los Angeles, Darolyne gave some to a couple from Florida. Wednesday we went to a fireside on Hail to the Prophet. It was part original music and part story and testimony from Gracia Jones. Gracia was the first of Joseph Smiths family to join the LDS Church. She is Josephs' great granddaughter and the grand daughter of Joseph Smith the third, who was the founder of the Reorganized LDS Church, now known as the community of Christ. Anyway when she was a teenager and living in Conrad, Montana she was contacted by our missionaries and joined. She had a great story and testimony. On Thursday was our P Day. We went to Kolob Reservoir with the Collins. We had a great day being away from St.George for the first time in many months. Friday we went to a Fireside put on by Rand Packer. Rands' grand father was a middleweight boxing champion and Willard Bean. Rand wrote a book about his grand father and grandmother called the Lion and the Lamb. Willard and his wife were sent to Palmyra, New York on a mission to live in Joseph Smiths' Sr. house. This was in the early 1920s. 25 years later willard and his wife had bought a lot of the lands the Church owns now in the Palmyra area including the Hill Cummorah. Great story.

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