Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happenings at the Visitor Center

9 days left. Today at the Visitors Center I met people from Mainland China, Germany, France, and non members from Seattle, Tri Cities Washington and Ontario Canada. The girl from Seattle was here at a  wedding for a friend. She came in I talked to her for awhile. Then she met with the sister missionaries and they brought the spirit to her and she received the Book of Mormon and gave a referral to meet the missionaries in Seattle. She was touched by the Christus etc. because she had tears in her eyes. This girl  was in her 20s and had a few tatoos but was dressed very nice. An old man came in he talked to me for ever her was 80 years old and looking for a woman to marry because he wants to go on a mission. I guess with now success though. He gave me 4 scriptures from the bible that prove the mission of the Book of Mormon. These are pictured here, also a picture of Darolyne and I leaving the Brigham Young

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