Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The German Invasion

Quite the day. We were at the Visitor Center today. Darolyne is feeling better and we had a good day. First Darolyne gave a Book of Mormon to a couple of  from Florida. I met a young man from Washington DC. I taught him a little bit about the Book of Mormon. He took one. Then I gave a Book in German to a young couple from Germany. Then Rima Avenesjan, Sister Avenesjan from Germany, showed up to say hello. She came all the way from Germany  to go through the temple with her investigator who she converted, The Picture, it was so great to see her, we are great friends. She wants to go to BYU but needs some help to get in and maybe some financial help. Ah, I had her meet with Elder Clark former pr guy from BYU. He told her he will have her get a hold of the person at BYU who can
get her admitted. You see she is from Germany but she is Armenian., and Elder Clark knows Jon Huntsman Sr. who is a Billionare, and wants to help people from Armenian. Coincidence, no Tender Mercy yes. The Lord takes care of his missionaries...FOREVER!

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