Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wheres Noah when you need Him

Today was quite the rainstorm,  the weatherman said it was a 1000 year storm for some places, just 6 miles north of us, Winchester Hills there was 2 and a half inches of rain in two hours, here where we live maybe an inch and a half. Any way there were many flash floods, the Santa Clara River that usually runs as a trickle was at flood stage or over, see photos. It again about washed out part of Southgate Golf Course. We went to the Tabernacle today and had a busy day with over 100 visitors. Darolyne taught a couple from Illinois he was a Mason and finding out that Brigham Young was a Mason then he wanted to know more about our religion, he and his wife took a Book of Mormon. I taught a couple from Kansas, he said they were Lutherans but it was evident that he didn't go to Church very often.  He had many questions about our religion. He seemed to be very interested in our Church and they too took a Book of Mormon and the testimony of Joseph Smith. At the end of the day the storm passed on to the east and things started to clear up. The freeway I 15 between here and Las Vegas washed out and will be closed for 3 or 4 days. In the mean time the traffic has to divert some 90 miles more to make it to St. George. This is a major truck route.

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