Monday, April 29, 2013

Things To Note

I really do  not want to make an entry every night but today a few things transpired. Wee were a the Temple Visitors Center. First people to come in the Annex at about 9 oclock was a couple from Florence Italy. They were  visiting the Canyons and just saw the Gleaming White Temple from the freeway.The Husband spoke some English the wife did not. I explained to them about the Church, the restoration through Joseph Smith and the bringing forth of the Book of Mormon. Then I tried to get a Book of Mormon in Italian.I pretty much bore my testimony to them. Then a man from Red China came in I was able to give him a Book of Mormon in Chinese. He was really appreciative. Then 3 people came in from Korea. They were members visiting the State. Come to find out they were from Joeys mission area, Taejon, South Korea. The older gentleman was a Stake President there when Joey was on his mission. Small World. This mission is so spiritual although we will never know if anybody ever joins the Church. Well not until we pass on to the spirit world. This i know to be true, this is what drives me, that someone who introduced to this true Church will some day by the power of the Holy Ghost will accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also today Pat Morris got out of hospital and now will stay with us for a week or so to recuperate before she heads back to her mission in Hawaii. Of course Darolyne is taking care of her. My wife is amazing.

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