Thursday, June 13, 2013

One Hundred Degrees of Fun?

Last night we went to Tuachan to see the production of Mary Poppins. It was one hundred degrees at show time, 8:45. It was way hot to watching a play. At intermission at 10:30 it was still 100 degrees. Yikes. How will I get out of this. Both of us were sweltering and the production was quite slow and boring. So we left and went home. So did quite a few of the other missionary couples. The party before was very good. We had to make a picnic lunch for another couple. We made a lunch for the Davis and the Naramores made a lunch for us. They brought us a dinner from Dickies Barbecue. Today at the Tabernacle I had a great experience by taking a Family from Las Vegas on a tour. They were non members but knew about our Church. He was a Polynesian from Samoa. He played Football at the U of Hawaii, he played against BYU when Ty Detmer won the Heisman Award. Oh memories. Any way I was able to bare my testimony to him about being a person of the Book of Mormon.There was a strong spirit there.

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