Sunday, June 16, 2013

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Today we say addios to 4 of our missionary sisiters who have been waiting for visas to go to Argentina. They are Sister Romero, Sister Fairbanks and the pictures of Sisters Page and Jones. These Sisters have been excellent missio
naries and have taught me much. Today 5 men from Nigeria and Ghana they were all members except one who was going to get baptized in weeks. One of these men was from Nigeria and he went to College in Egypt. He was a Muslim at the time. He met  a Mormon and was converted and baptized into our church. This was heard by Egyptian authorities. They put him in Prison and he was there for 15 years. He is now going to school at UVU He has written a book about his story. It will be coming out in November. It will be called My Name was Mohammed. Can' t wait to read.

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