Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You know you are serving a mission in the Temple Visitors Center WHEN

Today was anothr transfer day. We have two sisters going home and in a month Elder and Sister Davis will be going home. Sister Arwitti is going back to Micronesia and Sister Owen will be going back to South Dakota. Lots of tears today. I love these missionaries they are very good missionaries and very spiritual. Sister Owens did you know you ae serving a mission in the temple visitors center when as follows:  someone calls asking to meet with the missionaries, you forward the call to Temple Security, Its 120 degrees outside and you are wearing a sweater, you know how to say mens womens toilets in 5 languages, In your prayers at night you ask for forgiveness for telling people that the treat Brighams was hit by lightning, your willing to make historical facts more interesting, you already have your wedding dress picked out because you get aa free show every Saturday, you refer to the Annex as the Man Cave, you see a couple wearing tank tops and khakis shorts you know they are French. Today Darolyne gave a Book of Mormon to Catholic man who was married to a Jewish woman, She wpent a good hour with these peiople. Pictures included of Tranfser Day

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