Monday, June 3, 2013

Varied Experiences from Below the Red Rocks

At the  temple visitor center A man came in from Raymond Alberta he was a Cooper but his  Grandmother is Mary Dudley who is Gordons first  cousin. He was  going to Texas to  Medical School. He already was a Chiropracter. Today at the Tabernacle I met a family whose great great grandfather was a stone mason on the tabernacle in 1870. He left his engraving on a stone on the building as pictured. Darolyne had a great day today she met with a lot of non members.

I had the opportunity to take quite a few non-members through the tabernacle.  There was a wonderful
couple from Belgium who had been taught by missionaries many years ago and had a Book of Mormon translated into the Dutch language.  They were very interested in everything and had a lot of questions.  I also taught a couple from Florida who were very interested in the church and in genealogy.  They visited the Tabernacle in Salt Lake and the Visitors Center as well as the Genealogy Library.  They took a Book of Mormon and also  other pamphlets we had about temples.  I then had a couple from Sacramento California who also had a Book of Mormon from years past but enjoyed the tour and were very friendly with lots of questions.  One lady came in alone and was from Philadelphia
Pa.  She was part of the Road Scholar group and was originally from New York.  She had visited the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers museum and was so impressed with everything in it.  She is Jewish and she had a lot of questions.  She had studied quite a bit about the tour and about St. George so she was somewhat knowledgeable about Mormons.  It was a fun day sharing the gospel with each one of them.

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