Thursday, June 20, 2013

Selected Hey There's

The last couple of days have been very good I have given out 3 Book of Mormons two to people from Las Vegas and one to a couple from Oregon. We went to missionary meeting Tuesday morning to find out that the Director Elder Watkins wants Darolyne and I to go out to a couple of wards to talk to the combined meetings. We had dinner out with the Collins. Today has been a P day and we went as far as we have been since we have been on our mission. We went to Sand Hollow then over to Toucherville to see the old winery that the Mormons made wine to sell to the miners at Sil
ver Reef. Also yesterday Princess Jamie got in a wreck and totaled her Honda Pilot, gratefully no one was hurt. They will now have to get a new car. Daryk went to the temple and is further preparing for his mission. KC is preparing to do Logan Radnar. Pictured is the winery and Sister Bergrens who will be finishing her mission at the Center. She is over 90 years old.

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