Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hot Hot Hot

Well we have encountered our first taste of hot weather. 108 degrees three days running. The last couple of days we have been at the Tabernacle, and Brighams and Jacobs homes along with a P day. I went golfing with the sr. missionaries including elder Watkins. Darolyne found out that Priscilla Hamblin is a descendent of Thomas Dudley the Governor of Mass. Just like she is. Darolyne had a great visit with a Jewish couple from San Francisco. They were interested in t he church to ask a lot of questions about it. She gave a Book of Mormon to a young man from Pennsylvania who was an agnostic. He was thrilled to get all the pamphlets that went with it. I gave a tour to 3 school teachers from Chicago who were retired they were very interested in the church and in doing some genealogy some day. One had Danish ancestors so we were practically related. Today Darolyne encountered a snake at Jacobs house. We had many cute young Mormon families come today.They were from Wyoming, Logan Ogden Orem Bluebell and Lehi and Sandy.

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